Long Run Hope

I did it! I finally ran a long training run that I’m semi-proud ofOpen-mouthed smile I woke up this morning, like every other long run morning as of late – not excited to do this. I had the standard pre-long run breakfast of a carb (half a bagel) + a fat (sunflower butter) + a banana:


It landed in my stomach like a rock, so I took the opportunity to digest whilst lying in bed watching Real Housewives reruns Smile That Joe and Melissa are one crazy couple!


After getting my trash tv fix, it began storming, so I took my training to the treadmill. I told myself I’d run at least 6 miles, and wound out running about 8.5 miles! I made it easier by giving myself little breaks. After 3 miles, I grabbed a towel, after 3 more miles, I took a walk break, and then finally ended it around 8.5! By the way – my motto for this half is still just to enjoy myself and to honor how my body is feeling. Obviously I’m not feeling the hardcore training this time around. So if I don’t PR? No big deal. Heck, I just want to finish and have fun!

I also did something I’ve never done while running – read my Kindle!


It was surprisingly easy to read and run on the treadmill, and I read well over 25% of Tick Tock. It’s getting SO good, btwSmile

Once I was back and showered, I made a recovery smoothie:


coconut water + raspberries + bananas + cottage cheese + ice cubes. Yum!

It’s still storming and raining here. I take it as a blessing, though. Our plants and grass haven’t gotten any water is days!! It also means I won’t have to be the one watering them Winking smile Not sure what today’s plans include, but I need to get some stuff done for boot camp this week.

If you were friends with any of the Housewives in real life, who would it be?

When you’re on the treadmill/cardio equipment? Do you do anything besides listen to tunes? One time I saw a girl studying, and another time I swear this guy was dancing while on the elliptical! LOL

Happy Sunday, friends! Smile

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  1. You read while running!? Wow that is very impressive 😉
    I would probably be tripping all over myself if I ever attempted such an act.. haha

  2. Dancing? LOL Hilarious! If i’m walking, I read books or mags and i’ve been known to watch SATC. :) However, I can’t read anything while I run – i’m impressed you can! And i’m going to check this book out now!

  3. I have a hard time reading on the treadmill. Even when I’m trying to do a treadmill workout that I have written out, I have to really focus to find my spot. Maybe I’m bouncing too much during my run? Even though she’s not a Real Housewife anymore, I love Bethenney Frankel! I would love to spend an afternoon with her!

  4. Congratulations on your successful long run!!!!! Love the RHWONJ!!!!

  5. Great run! We did a long run this morning too :)

    I am so not that talented to do anything while running on a treadmill, unless the TV is on a good station at the gym I will semi pay attention to that. On the elliptical I read gossip magazines though.

  6. 8.5 miles on the treadmill? nice! thats mentally tough!

  7. whooop! Great job on the run. The treadmill is always a challenge for me. I can be on it a max of an hour before I want to go to sleep :) I usually watch tv. Now I’m thinking about making a smoothie :) And definitely Bethenny Frankel! Although…shes technically not a real housewife any more

  8. If I’m at school, I typically study ONLY if I have a big test coming up. I like to use gym time as a way to escape the stress of school, not add to it!

    I like to read magazines (Runners World, Women’s Health, Shape) that put me in a fitness mindset. Also, I read my Google Reader like crazy!

    • Do you read reader on your iphone? Now my iPhone is too much of a pain (too small) to read while running.

  9. I refuse to use a treadmill, but I’ve read plenty of magazines on the elliptical. I’d be afraid of dropping my iPad or Nook if I used one of those, though. I spent a year working out on the elliptical before I took up running and I watched the entire series of House, Supernatural, and Joan of Arcadia on my iPod Touch.

  10. I’ve tried numerous time to read while on the treadmill but it just doesn’t work! 1. the pages always flop back and forth (obvi a kindle would solve this) and 2. I just bounce too much and lose my place all the time!

  11. my treadmill is in my house; I usually put the tv on mute (which makes the closed-captioning work) so I “read” the tv and listen to my tunes too. Still try to do all runs over 4 miles outside if possible. Any more than that is mentally tough on the ‘mill.

  12. I have never tried reading my kindle while running but I have used it while on the stairmaster =) I think I would probably fall off if I read on the treadmill!

  13. I can’t believe you can read while running! Very jealous… it makes me sick & woozy looking down and up and down and up and then a headache from trying to make sense of the words. I’m fortunate that my gym as an individual TV for each treadmill, so I just plug in my headphones, pick my show, and it’s all mine!

    Great job on the 8.5 miles, that’s a long time on a treadmill!

  14. Cool that you can read and run! I am totally not stable enough to do that… well, I guess staring at the numbers is similar and worse…

  15. that smoothie sounds very good & definitely different! I love reading my Kindle on the treadmill–I’ll get lots of quality time doing so training for a spring marathon in WI. 20milers in snowy, bitter cold weather… can’t wait!

  16. Congrats on a successful long run! Sometimes those runs happen when we least expect ’em and they’re such confidence boosters. Nicely done!

  17. I read a magazine once when doing a slower 4 miler and ended up running 6 miles without realizing it!

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