How to Make a Headboard on a Budget

Well, I still haven’t gotten my nap in, but I’m planning to right after pressing publish on this post. Besides, I’ve been having too much fun today to sleep!

This morning, right as Shane stepped inside from mowing, I was dashing upstairs to shower and get ready. Drats, he caught me! Luckily, I made pretty record time getting ready and we were out the door within an hour.

We were on a mission! Our goal was to finish the headboard for the guest bedroom today. Our destination: Jo-Ann Fabrics. Shane did the boring stuff like look for spray adhesive, while I picked out fabrics.


Much more funSmile

IMG_3791 IMG_3790

After we got all of our supplies, we got down to business and started hauling, cutting, and stapling away!

How to Make A Headboard on a Budget

We got all of our materials for under $100! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 piece of plywood, cut the width of the bed
  • can of spray adhesive
  • 2 queen size rolls of poly-down
  • fabric (for our king sized bed, we used 3 yards)
  • staple gun + staples

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Lay a protective plastic sheet across anything you don’t want to get spray adhesive on.


Shane and I joked we were making a “kill room” – Dexter, anyone? Winking smile

2) Place the plywood on an elevated surface (we used the bed) and spray the adhesive all over one side.


3) Unravel your poly-down and press it down on half of the plywood, length wise.


Then fold into thirds, still keeping it on half the plywood (this is a budget-friendly way – folding larger sheets into thirds is cheaper than buying 3-4 separate rolls and trimming the edges!)


Make sure a couple inches of stuffing is hanging over the edges on all sides.

4) Time to move to the other half! Unravel the second pack of poly-down and repeat for the top half.



5) Time to get out your fabric!


Evenly spread your fabric on top of the poly-down, making sure it’s nice and even and has a couple inches hanging off the edges on each side. Very carefully, flip the board and over so the fabric is facing down. Make sure a couple inches of fabric is hanging over the edge on all sides.

6) Starting with the long sides, pull the fabric toward the center as you staple. Once done with both long sides, carefully check the front and proceed to the short sides. Corners are last.


Annnnd – drumroll please…………………………………. The finished result!


Not bad, right? Smile For a budget?

IMG_3810 IMG_3812

Get dizzy.


So that’s that. I hope this tutorial helps someone. If not, it was still fun to make Open-mouthed smile It was actually a lot of fun to make the headboard, too! I’m always one who underestimates the amount of time and work it takes to get a project done, and I actually overestimated on this one. Score!


Alas, all that work certainly does work up an appetite Winking smile Lunch was a little late in the day – around 2:30, so I kinda wanted to eat everything. So I made a bit of everything!


Two eggs over medium, toast w/ smashed avocado, nutritional yeast, + hot sauce, and two big slices of bell pepper with some basil hummus.


The avocado toast was my favorite, and then the eggs, and by the time I got to the bell peppers, I just ate them because they were there Winking smile I followed my lunch plate up a chewy oatmeal choc. chip cookie!

Well I’ve got a Niko dog on my lap and I have a feeling she’d rather go nap on the bed with meSmile  I’m not sure what’s on tap for tonight, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be mellow yellow.

Oh! but before I go, let me show you one other thing I did today!


I got a feather extension! It was totally a random, impulse decision. I walked into a salon I’d never been before to look at their jewelry, saw they did feather extensions, and decided to get one! I wish I’d gotten one underneath my hair too, so you could see it in back when I have my hair up. Whadya think??

Do you have a guest bedroom? How often does it get used? We put our old mattress upstairs on a new bed frame, but we rarely have house guests! Most of the people we know live here in town or an hour or less away. Usually the only time we’re guaranteed to have guests is over New Year’s Eve Smile

Do you prefer to buy things already made/built or craft/build them yourself? I’m definitely in the former category for the most part, but this project was fun, and I’m glad we did it ourselves!

Nap time! Have a great night! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. stephanie says:

    I love the headboard! It looks so good!! The feather extension is cute too!

    It depends on the craft and the time. Right now I’m on a DIY kick and have been making things, but if I’m too busy or uninspired then I’ll buy it already done. It depends on how much I could save too

  2. That looks SO good! Ah! I am terrible at DIY projects. I wish I was more creative. The feather piece looks fun. We do have a guest room- it used to get used A LOT, now everyone is moving closer so it gets used less frequently!

  3. The headboard looks awesome! I don’t do many DIY projects, but when I do I really enjoy it! It’s so rewarding to have something in your house that you made yourself.

  4. I have a loft attic that’s just used for storage, but I’ve been meaning to transform it into a guest bedroom (or at least just put a bed in it). I pretty much never have overnight guests but it’d be nice to have somewhere to put them if I did. I might DIY a headboard to put behind a super basic bed frame up there at some point.

  5. Looks great!! You did a great job picking the fabric!

  6. Thanks for the headboard tutorial! My roommate made her own and I was in absolute awe– but you make it look so easy!

    I might just go show her up now 😀

  7. The headboard came out great! love the fabric you guys picked.

  8. great idea! now how did you get the board to stay on the wall?! I would def consider something like this!

  9. Awesome how-to post! My boyfriend and I have actually been talking about this very project for our guest room, so your timing is perfect :-) Love the fabric that you picked out, too.
    And cute feather extension, I keep seeing more and more girls around here with those!

  10. Wow, I wish I could be so crafty! Would you like to come make a headboard for me? I’ll hire you! I can pay in cookies!

    And I approve of that extention. It doesn’t say “peacock” and thats all that matters.

  11. this is almost exactly how i made our headboard :) I was never a DIY person, but a tight budget makes it inevitable.

    I recently re-covered our headboard to match new bedding, and it was super simple!

  12. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and thrifty idea, I love the fabric that you are holding in the photo shown, the one with the floral print.
    Reema @ Uratex Hotel Mattress recently posted..Her Solid Ground was Built on Soft FoamMy Profile


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