Great Expectations

Today almost feels like a Monday over here! I’ve got three clients to train, a long run to run, in addition to not sleeping so well last night. It’s a busy one for a Sunday!

To combat today’s busy schedule, last night was the epitome of mellow. Once we finished making the head board, Shane, me, and the pets all settled in for a nap. When we woke up, both our tummies were growling something fierce!

We debated going out out for pizza, but after hemming and hawing, decided to just order take out from our favorite pizza joint in town, Lucca’s, instead.


And on the way home, we also decided it’d be a red box nightSmile


We were seriously so hungry, we thought about parking it near the closest patch of grass and eating our pizza hobo picnic-style, alas, we waited until we got home. We had high expectations upon lifting open the lid…


Is this the pizza we remember? We thought. It looked like they were very stingy with the toppings, and this was a large. It definitely shrunk. Then we tasted it.


It was good…but not omgthisisfreakingamazing good like we remembered.


We ate the entire pizza, which is a rare occurrence. The cracker thin (but soggy) crust and the change in size left us with no leftovers for today! Ya win some ya lose some, I guess.

Luckily, we won with the movie we picked out of the Red Box! For last night’s movie, we got Hall Pass.


I had pretty low expectations on this movie, I have to confess, but it ended up being pretty darn hilarious! I’m not sure if the low bar I set was part of it, but I was laughing out loud throughout the whole movie! When relaxing and watching the tube, we usually watch shows (Dexter, True Blood, Enteroge, etc) so a movie every now and then is nice!

We crashed out pretty early, but I was tossing and turning all night with tummy troubles. Err, I mean I was feeling under the weather (catch the How I Met Your Mother reference, anyone? Amy?)

This morning when I finally did feel up to eating something, I ended up having a toasted bagel w/ sunflower butter and banana:


It’s my standard pre-long run breakfast, so I thought I’d have it for when I feel up to running today.

Off to train!

What’s the last movie you watched? Were your expectations too high or too low?

Have a lovely SundayOpen-mouthed smile

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  1. I can’t even remember the last movie we watched, we’ve been so obsessed with Lost on netflix it’s basically consumed the last 3 months of our lives!

  2. I think the last movie I watched was Country Strong. My expectations were too low, I ended up really liking it!
    Sorry about the pizza not meeting your expectations!

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  3. The pizza and a movie night sounds wonderful! Bummer the pizza was just so so. I enjoyed hall pass- it was much more of a romantic comedy than I expected. Last movie we saw was horrible bosses and I loved it!

  4. LOL! we wached that movie the other day. Definitely some UNEXPECTED bathroom scenes!

  5. We watched Company Men last night, and it was okay. I hadn’t really heard of it so I didn’t have really any expectations, and it ended up being kind of depressing and lacked character development.

  6. I’ve noticed a cutback of veggie toppings from two of my favorite pizza places recently. If pizza restaurants are experiencing a rise in their costs, I wish they would just charge more instead of cheapening the product.
    Last night we watched Johnny Handsome with Mickey Rourke. I’d give it two and a half stars out of five. We really liked Country Strong and Horrible Bosses though.

  7. I’ve heard really good things about Hall Pass. I havent seen it yet because I really didnt expect it to be good, but everyone seems to love it. Its next on my “to rent” list.

    The last movie I watched was the remake of Carrie. It was on this morning. I wouldnt really call that a good movie, but I still couldnt change the channel.

  8. There’s nothing better than a pizza and redbox night with the hubs :) love!

  9. Oh don’t you just hate it when that happens – high hopes totally shattered. At least the movie was good. My sis just told me we needed to watch it.

  10. I just saw Crazy Stupid Love. While it was entertaining and somewhat funny, I thought it was a bit too contrived, especially toward the end.

  11. The last movie I watched was Casino Jack…it was interesting and boring at the same time…


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