False Advertising in a Bottle

As the clock crept closer to late afternoon, my motivation to make plans out of the day slowly diminished. Finally, around 3:00, Shane and I were growing tired of playing the, “What do you wanna do?” “I donno, what do you wanna do?” game. Then I got an idea. I felt pretty good, somewhat energetic, and my legs felt ok; why not get my long run over with?

It was already 85 out, so I headed to the nearest gym to get in my long run. Within the first two miles, I knew the planned eight miles would turn into six. Well, actually 6.2, because I ran for a total of 61 minutes. For some reason in my mind, anything more than sixty minutes is long, and therefore will prepare me for running a 13.1 mile race in a few weeks? I don’t understand my logic either. It’s OK.


Thinking, six miles is better than non!

Upon arriving home, it was just after 4:00. We were meeting my parents for dinner at 6, but I had to eat before my stomach ate my backbone, so my hand dove straight into some TJ’s peanut butter pretzels to tide me over. Then Shane and I waited til thelastpossibleminute to get ready as we simply lay on the new bed, watching The Challenge: Rivals. We have a TV in the bedroom now, which seems to be a pretty wonderful thing!

Once we did get ready and out the door, we drove about 25 minutes away to La Fiesta to meet my parents. It’s about mid way point from both of our houses, so it works out pretty well. Since Shane was driving, I took the liberty to do my nails in the car:


It’s the Sally Hansen press and go’s, so it’s no mess! I get more comments about my nails than I can count because of these lovelies. This week I went with “Booty Camp” since my boot camp starts up tomorrow Open-mouthed smile 

IMG_3555 IMG_3556

It reminds me of bubblegum pink.

At La Fiesta, I got my standard veggie fajitas with no tortillas and extra guac:


Plus a bonus!


Since we were already out of town and near our friends, Billy and Melissa’s house, we invited ourselves over to play washers and drink some more margaritas. My girl Mel has two little girls, and is basically super mom. I kept calling her a professional all night last night because she deals with stuff SO. well. and her girls are adorable. Adorable! Dare I say it makes me want one?


Love my Mel! Red heart

I brought over a bottle of Skinny Girl margarita, which I still love, but discovered some very false/misguided advertising last night! Remember when I waxed poetically about Skinny Girl the first time? Claiming it only has 38 (38!!) calories per serving?!

Well, turns out a serving is the size of a shot glass. Who drinks margaritas in a glass that small?! WHO? I ask you. Apparently Bethenny Frankel, that’s who.


Once we discovered this little tidbit, we completely got over it and poured a second glass Winking smile However, I was DD last night, so in truth my next glass was a water bottle. I was thirsty from my run anyway, so I didn’t mind at all. We later played about an hour of Apples to Apples, and then Shane and I headed back home a little before midnight. It was such a fun night!


Well my plans are to park my butt in this chair for the next three hours and crank out as much computer work as I can. I’ve neglected emails, call backs, and preparation work for the weekend and I need to snap to it. Then the plan is to clean as much as possible before 2:00. Shane and I have big plans later today of watching as many Harry Potter movies as we can. The new one is playing at the iMax and I’ve never watched  a movie in an imax theatre, so I want to catch up and then go see it!

What do you think about the Skinny Girl serving size? OK, I get that the serving size of pretty much anything packaged is crazy small, and that we should always check labels. But…1.7 ounces?! That’s ridiculous. Maybe it is the size of a regular glass, packed full with ice? Who knows.

Have you ever seen a movie in an imax theatre? What’d you think about it?

Have a lovely Sunday, friends Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Stephanie says:

    That’s one TINY serving! Maybe Bethany just likes margarita shots. Sounds like you had fun!! Enjoy your Harry potter marathon!

  2. Love those nails! I hate real manicures so I may need to get on this Sally Hansen trend.
    Movies in an IMAX are pretty cool, I’ve seen a few. Enjoy!

  3. I’ve only had one SGM and it was at a restaurant. They served it in a short tumbler with lots of ice, so that sounds about right. They are pretty strong, but it does seem awful small.

  4. I love those nails! I tried to find some at walmart the other day with no luck – I will have to look at Sally’s – thanks for the tip! Awe, I am glad you got to see the Vestals (and a little jelly)! That’s awesome! I cannot wait for our (much needed) get together in a few weeks!! :) MULU

  5. Yikes, that is a small serving size, especially for a drink. That makes it seem like a liquor you’re supposed to mix with soda water or something. Not cool. I love MTV Challenges, especially because of Kenny. I find him hilarious even though he’s a jerk!

  6. I love the booty camp color (and name!). I also love Skinnygirl Margaritas…but think 8 oz. is a more appropriate serving size 😉

  7. I have the same philosophy about running – anything over an hour is a long run in my book!

    I want to try the press ‘n go nails. So cute!

  8. I LOVE those nails! I’m going to head over to target and check out their selection. Hopefully they carry them, I hate walmart and refuse to go there.

    I don’t think alcohol is meant to be “healthy.” If you’re going to drink, just do it. There is no counting calories when it comes to drinking. Just do it!

  9. Not a fan of the skinny girl margs because the crazy serving size and I would rather have one REALLY good margarita on a rare occasion than ten servings of that to feel any remote sense of satisfaction.

    Love those nail things. I need those since I never have the time or patience to do my own nails.

    PS – Totally get your > 60 min logic. Totally.


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