Couples Lifting

Shane and I don’t workout together often for the simple fact that we have different styles of training. When we do work out together, it’s usually with weights, and it’s usually two different workouts. Tonight was actually the first time we did the same work out together!


We did the following workout:

Barbell squat 5×5 @ 110 lbs
Bench press 4×6 @ 65 lbs
Barbell row 4×6 @ 85 lbs
Overhead barbell press 5×5 @ 65 lbs
Barbell deadlift 2×5 @ 110 lbs

Of course, Shane used a wee bit bigger plates than I did, but we had a really good ebb and flow going on. Shane would rest while he would spot me and I’d do my set, and then we’d switch! Unfortunately, we’ll only be able to work out once throughout the week, because I’ve changed my workout schedule a bit.

Currently, my weekly exercise routine looks like this:

  • 3 days of lifting, with one day being strong lifts (which was todays workout)
  • 4 days of cardio – one of those days being on the same day as a lifting workout (usually Mondays)
  • 1 day of yoga – wherever I can fit it in
  • 1 day of no workout/rest

It’s what works for me. Some weeks I’ll take two days rest instead of one and some weeks I’ll probably do something that doesn’t resemble the above schedule in the least bit!Smile

We planned on finishing the headboard for the guest bedroom after our workout, but Shane had a headache and I just didn’t want to leave the house. When I asked Shane if an easy breakfast for dinner (BFD, what what!) would be OK. It was more than OK Smile


I cooked up a double batch of scrambled eggs in one pan and some fresh organic rainbow chard and mushrooms in another, while toasted a couple whole wheat bagels from Fresh Market in the toaster. Talk about multi-tasking!


Miraculously, I pulled it off without burning the eggs!


It was a fabulous dinner! I added a few slices of from this fancy cheese pack to each sandwich:


(this was totally a random impulse buy at Sam’s, courtesy of Shane Smile with tongue out)

Side note – did you know the proper way to wash fresh mushrooms is to wash them with a damp towel?


Apparently submerging them under water and rinsing them changes the ‘shrooms texture. Rachel Ray taught me that a couple years ago!

Well, it’s time for Niko’s walk! She got a brand new summer cut this morning and she’s been begging me to show it off to all the neighborhood dogs Winking smile


Gotta go show off the new ‘do!

Do you have a lifting/workout partner? I actually prefer to workout alone. Even when running, I’d rather be by myself for the most part. I do enjoy a workout partner every now and then, but overall, I like sweatin’ it out solo.

Have a nice night!

PS—You may have noticed lately that my posting schedule has changed. I’ve been posting more frequently lately because it just works best with my schedule and how my brain organizes my thoughts in regards to that schedule. There’s not really much else to say except I’m sure you’ve noticed the increased posting numbers from RAN in your feed, and I plan to continue to do the 3 a day deal unless I get a lot of negative feedback. Of course, any feedback from you guys is always encouraged and accepted!!

PPS – I am loving the conversation going on about Facebook pet peeves. I was laughing and nodding my head, “yes!!!” to almost every comment. Too funnyRolling on the floor laughing

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  1. I love having a workout partner because it keeps me more accountable. It also means I end up taking a shorter rest in between reps, which I like.

  2. I usually prefer to workout alone just because I get in the zone and can really focus on what I’m trying to do. Sometimes I get self-conscious and cop out of my workout if I have a direct partner. Although, sometimes I like to go on runs with friends, but that’s only occassionally. I love breakfast for dinner! We do that often as well.

  3. Have you ever seen the mushroom brush? It’s apparently designed just for mushrooms so you don’t even need a wet towel. Not sure if I buy it, I still use the towel method too. Rachael had some good tips back in the day before she got under my skin 😉
    I prefer solo workouts too. I actually don’t like running with others at all. I know I’m in the minority there but when people are faster than me it pisses me off rather than motivating me and when I’m the faster one, I’m really bad at slowing my pace.

    • Huh! I haven’t heard of this. I kind of half-ass wash my mushrooms anyway (I know, gross) so i wonder if it’d be worth it.

  4. Typically my husband and I only manage to get to the gym twice a week together and even then we part ways at the door 90% of the time. The odd time he will join me on the treadmills or I will ask him to show me some exercises.

    Thanks for the mushroom tip! I had no idea, and just tonight washed them the wrong way!

    • Ahh, so it’s Rachel Ray who started the mushroom myth… It’s actually a myth, so don’t fret it. 😉 Tested dozens of times in a science lab, as well. The first study of whether or not mushrooms actually absorb water was conducted in the 1970s, and they found that white mushrooms and crimini mushrooms soaked in water for 24 hours absorbed barely any water – their weight only increased by about 2%… I don’t see why mushrooms would absorb water anyway, since they’re not porous. :S Don’t feel bad about washing mushrooms, though… ever! They’re grown in manure… and although there is a process that sanitizes them, manure is manure, IMO, and I’d always rather wash them just because!

      • So it’s a myth! Huh! Thanks for the info :) I better wash my mushrooms a little better 😉

        • Hopefully I didn’t come off across as too much of a brat and a know-it-all! I’m a bit of a science geek, and once took a summer “kitchen science” course that dispelled all sorts of kitchen myths… Up until then I also believed that mushrooms couldn’t be washed with water, else they absorb some! Unfortunately they are grown in manure, but the mushroom growers compost their substrate material for a reeeally long time, which raises its temperature to a sterilizing level… So it’s free of germs when the mushroom spores are placed in it. It still grosses me out so I wash my mushrooms, haha. The exact mushroom-soaking experiment was in the book “The Curious Cook” by Harold McGee. And I’m going to shut up now because this is more than enough scientific nerdy gobbledegook. 😀

          Love your blog and all the fitness and exercise tips you post, by the way! And my apologies that probably one of the first times I’m commenting, I’m being so know-it-all-ish! And while I’m commenting… I appreciate how “real” you seem and how you’re never preach-y. Quick, manageable meals with treats along the way and the occasional fancy dinner… Thanks for being a great role model that many of us can more easily relate to than some other bloggers. :)

          • You didn’t at all! I actually appreciated it:)
            Thanks for your sweet comment – it made my night! I’m not a fan of preachy blogs either;)

    • Yep! My husband hates gyms, so the only time we workout is at home.

  5. I’ve been washing mushrooms incorrectly all of this time!? Whoops :)

    I prefer to workout alone too– unless I’m going for a LONG run. Then I like to have someone around to keep me company

  6. I totally learned the cleaning mushrooms thing from Rachael Ray too! I’ve actually learned a lot from her :)

  7. My hubby and I cross-train and go to yoga class together all the time. If one of us is having a “tired” day, the other one is the motivating force to get moving.

    We’ve got a good system down for our in-home workouts (switching back and forth between our stationary bike and free-weights), but the one thing we don’t do well is run “together.” Running with him is good for my speedwork, but horrible for my ego. 😉 (I posted about this dilemma on my blog awhile ago.)


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