Always Room for Dessert

Happy Saturday! Open-mouthed smile

Last night Shane had a poker night with the guys, so I decided to go out to dinner with my parents!


Niko is obsessed with my parents. Watch this video:

Obsessed Winking smile

After Shane peace’d out to play poker, we hit up Von Maur since my mom makes it a mandatory visit every time she comes to Normal. We both made not-so-mandatory purchases, too. My mom got some jeans she doesn’t need, and I got a couple shirts and some Philosophy I don’t need Smile with tongue out Oh yeah, plus my only intentional purchase – a gift for Shane’s mom in AZ (her birthday’s tomorrow!)

I was really lusting over some Ray Ban aviators, alas, I held off. I did put them on my Pinterest fashion board, though! Hopefully Shane will see it Winking smile My absolute favorite pair I have are Ray Bans, but I’ve had them for a good three years! Time for a new pair, right? Hot smile

Shopping works up an appetite, so we all headed to Baxters, a nice steak and seafood restaurant in town after getting our shopping fix.


I took pictures, but they turned out way too dark. I had a glass of pinot noir, a salad, some miso glazed salmon, and summer veggies. Oh my gravy. SO good. I left sufficiently stuffed, and all rolled ourselves out of the restaurants and into the car.

Somehow, somehow, I wanted dessert a couple hours later, so I dove in to some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I’d baked earlier in the day. Who am I kidding? There’s always room for dessertWinking smile I had put a call out on Twitter asking what I should bake, and when Laura responded something about oatmeal cookies, I knew what I had to do.


Good choice, Laura. Good choice Winking smile


They turned out fabulously!


I’ll post my recipe, if you’d like, though I know there are a billion recipes out there for oatmeal cookiesSmile Mine are all whole grain though?


This morning I woke up still full from last night. I also woke up at 6:00 a.m., so I anticipate a nap later! What I needed was coffee, and I needed it stat. Since Shane was still sleeping, I broke out the French press + ground Blueberry Morning coffee in lieu of our noisy as a train coffee maker + coffee bean grinder.


We’ll see how the day goes, but this just might be the best decision I make alllll day Open-mouthed smile


Since I was up at the crack of dawn, I worked on a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now (but have been kind of scared to post it!) and then I looked at the clock, and suddenly I only had 15 minutes until Spin Class started. How does this always happen to me? HOW?!

Anyway, I grabbed a couple slices of dried mango as I headed out the door to get my spin on. I love Saturday spin classes because they’re the full hour as opposed their 45 minute week day counterparts. Regardless of which class I take, I can always count on dripping with sweat by song 4. Love Winking smile

Afterward, I was already thinking about breakfast, and was craving a smoothie on the car ride home. But I think my sweat-soaked clothes (hot) gave me a little chill after a bit, because instead of whipping out the Vitamix, I turned to a sauce pan and oatsSmile


Blueberry oatmeal with sunflower butter on top. Boring, but what I had. I also had a glass of iced coffee alongside.

Well I see Shane’s almost done mowing the yard, and I totally told him I’d be showered and getting ready by the time he was done so we could run some Saturday errands. *Looks down and sees sweaty spin clothes* … oops! Winking smile Looks like I better get scootin’!

What’s the last thing you baked?

What are you lusting over lately?

See ya later! Have a great one!!Smile

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  1. Not kidding I literally did the bro fist 😛

  2. I’m guilty of buying things unintentionally all the time haha. Actually, I’m pretty sure that most of my closet of unintentional purchases 😉

    The last thing I baked were funfetti cookies yesterday– but not the boxed kind! Although I’ll admit– those oatmeal cookies are giving my funfettis a run for their money

  3. I baked some rhubarb bars last night :)

    I’m mostly lusting after a new ‘do right now!

  4. stephanie says:

    Love the bro-fist picture! Thats too funny.

    That happens to me alot, I get chilled from my sweat and am so cold after a run. But then some days I can’t stop sweating for like an hour and it’s ridiculous.


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