Collard Green Wraps

I didn’t intend on posting again today – I was going to take the rest of the evening off from blogging and ON from cleaning the house. However, I made the most amazingly healthy and delicious lunch today that I just have to share with you guys or I might burst! After training my last […]

Great Expectations

Today almost feels like a Monday over here! I’ve got three clients to train, a long run to run, in addition to not sleeping so well last night. It’s a busy one for a Sunday! To combat today’s busy schedule, last night was the epitome of mellow. Once we finished making the head board, Shane, […]

How to Make a Headboard on a Budget

Well, I still haven’t gotten my nap in, but I’m planning to right after pressing publish on this post. Besides, I’ve been having too much fun today to sleep! This morning, right as Shane stepped inside from mowing, I was dashing upstairs to shower and get ready. Drats, he caught me! Luckily, I made pretty […]

Always Room for Dessert

Happy Saturday! Last night Shane had a poker night with the guys, so I decided to go out to dinner with my parents! Niko is obsessed with my parents. Watch this video: Obsessed After Shane peace’d out to play poker, we hit up Von Maur since my mom makes it a mandatory visit every time […]

Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl

Sorry for the late lunch time post, I was catching up with the latest episode of the Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl: I LOVE THIS SHOW! And you will too. I think everyone has a little bit of “awkward” in them. I mean, running into someone you really didn’t want to see at the […]

One Dead Dog

It looks could kill, she’d be one dead dog. Now now, don’t get all hasty. Let me explain. Every morning when I wake up at 5:00 to train or teach boot camp, this little girl wakes up with me and goes out to potty. As soon as I open the door for her to come […]

Veggie Fajitas + Romanian Deadlifts (video!)

My favorite exercise ever would have to be the deadlift. However, tied in second place is a squat and a Romanian deadlift. Since most of you probably know what a squat is, I thought I’d show you my second favorite exercise ever, the Romanian deadlift. If you’re looking an exercise to make your hammies and […]

What’s Weird About “Food Days”

I had good intentions when I packed this salad up for lunch last night! A bed of spinach + pickled beets + goat cheese + egg salad + marinated tofu? It’s basically a Whole Foods salad bar in a Tupperware container! And I still intend on enjoying this salad…just a little later than I intended… […]

Track Talk

One of my favorite types of “training runs” is the interval run. Until now, I preferred to do all speed work runs on the treadmill. It was just easier to track because of the mileage/time trackers and digital track. However, today, I tried something different and jogged about a 2 mile warm up to a […]

Couples Lifting

Shane and I don’t workout together often for the simple fact that we have different styles of training. When we do work out together, it’s usually with weights, and it’s usually two different workouts. Tonight was actually the first time we did the same work out together! We did the following workout: Barbell squat 5×5 […]

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