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Catching up from the weekend? Friday, Shane and I had a date night in Uptown Normal at a café that satisfied both of our foodie cravings. Saturday, I slacked off my entire to do list in favor of down loading an awesome workout playlist, plus I showed off my new hair.

I just woke up all disoriented because I slept in an hour past the time I wanted to wake up! I hate that, but kinda love it at the same time Winking smile I’m really not sure how Sunday turned into such a time suck, but it really wore me out! Oh wait, attending a 3.5 hour (fun, though!) shower in the middle of the day will definitely do that to a Sunday.

But let’s start at the beginning.


Sunflower butter and a banana fueled a quick 3.75 mile run around the neighborhood. I had plans to get in a chest/back workout afterward, but silly little me always overestimates the time I have available.

I had a client to train at 9:00, and only had time for a shower and to get on my way! Luckily my commute was only 7 minutes this time!

After training, I rushed home to put on a pretty dress and head to my good friend Stacy’s wedding shower! It was in a cute building in a little town about 25 minutes north, where she’s from.


The shower lasted a while, but was a lot of fun! The bride had a kitchen-themed shower, and all the attendees brought recipes on recipe cards she’d sent out in the invitations. Fun, right?

After the shower, I rushed back home to make a pedicure appointment (swoon) and spent the next hour or so in relax city.

But all that relaxing sure works up an appetiteWinking smile


Shane and I made some his and hers enchiladas together.


My fillings were sautéed onion, peppers, corn, and black beans. They were absolutely delicious, but incredibly filling! Eating one plus a couple nibbles off of another had me feeling like I never wanted to eat again! haha Smile with tongue out


Yesterday as I was hurrying up over to my clients house to train her, I got thinking about work commutes. Mine aren’t too bad. Actually, right now, for training, my farthest commute is 10 minutes away, and normally it’s only about 5-7Smile I love it. However, when I do the planner gig, it’s about 20 minutes away, which kinda sucks. Then yesterday my client was telling me how her brother, who she visited last weekend in California, has a commute that’s nearly 2 hours. TWO HOURS! This is craziness.

How long is your work commute? What form of transportation do you take? I always take car…I need to take bike or foot more, though!

Well I’m out of here. Getting in that chest and back workout today before spin, then it’s time to train a couple clients. Have a great Monday, peeps!

PS…Ab workout *finally* coming tomorrow for How-To’sday


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  1. Some of my friends have 1 1/2+ hour commutes each way and I just cannot imagine!! I actually passed on a job once that would have been almost double my current salary but I would be driving from southern NH to south of Boston every day with an almost 2 hour commute. Sorry, not worth it. My commute right now is 25 minutes (about 18 miles) but it’s really easy. Almost all highway and I’m traveling in the opposite direction of traffic. I tend to zone out during my commute just thinking about stuff or listening to music so the time passes quickly.

  2. My commute isn’t bad at all–about 15 minutes (10 if I hit the lights right), and it used to be about 40 minutes at my old job, but at least traffic still moved. I don’t mind a commute unless it’s because I’m just sitting in traffic. Then I get super impatient!

  3. I commute about 15 minutes to work, depending on traffic. In January my hubby got transferred to a new location and now actually works right beside me, so we carpool now too which is nice!

  4. I drive about 6 miles every day and it takes way longer than it should. I wish I had a bike because I’d try to bike occasionally. If I was still capable of running 6 miles easily, I’d try running sometimes, but as of right now that’s not an option :)

  5. My commute is 1.75 miles each way and I bike. If it is raining in the MORNING I may drive or get a ride from a co-worker passing in my neighborhood, but I’ll take the return trip in the rain knowing I’ll be able to change as soon as I get home. I bike year-round, the cold doesn’t stop me, nor does falling snow. However, when there’s 2+ inches of snow UNPLOWED on the road, I can’t get through that easily on my roadbike and I’ll drive. Living in northern Indiana I am still able to bike about 2 days a week through the winter!

  6. My commute is 25-30 minutes. 23 miles from home, so walking/biking is definitely not an option!

  7. Your commute is a dream! I work 10-12 miles away from home, and yet the commute to work is ~30 min, and the way back ~40-50 min. I hate it, but better than some of the commutes I’ve had (1+ hr each way).

  8. My commute is actually pretty hellish. Depending on the day it can take anywhere from 90 mins to 2+ hrs to get to work in the AM. I’ve had a few nearly 3 hr commutes too (mostly in winter) which have really REALLY been hard. The PM commute is usually an hour to 90 mins. I’m really hoping it calms now that school is out and there should be less traffic (this is a new job for me as of Jan so the commute was something I knew about coming into things, but wanted the job badly enough that I figured I’d take my punches). The only good thing is that I get to work from home at least once per week, sometimes twice per week, which makes a HUGE difference. Oy. (sorry wow that was quite a rant!)

  9. mmmm that Mexican looks delicious! Glad you had fun at the shower too. I work from home mostly now…so my commute is 0. When I go into the office it takes me 30-40 minutes.

  10. Just stumbled across your site and I adore it! Great job :) … My commute is about 45 minutes. Not the worst, but I would certainly love a 7 minute commute like you ;). … I’ll be making your enchiladas tonight .. they look DELICIOUS!

    Thanks for a great read :)


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