Switch Out Spin Out + Parallel Parking

Whoa! Today passed by way too quickly!

I guess I shouldn’t complain about my morning commutes anymore. Some of you posting about hour + commutes have got my first world pains sympathy! Yeah, definitely no longer complaining about my 20 minute commute I only make three times per week…

This morning I mentioned I was headed to a spin class after posting. Well, turns out, I drove to the gym, sat in the parking lot, and then left. I didn’t really need to spin and I wasn’t really feeling it, but I did need to get in a lower body/back workout. So, I drove to my other gym (the one I train at.) OK maybe I didn’t need to, but it sure sounded a lot better – and it was! Open-mouthed smile

After an hour of lifting heavy things and putting them back down, I was drenched it sweat, ate a Luna bar, and cleaned up before training a couple clients.

Back at home, I found Shane working at the kitchen table. Apparently it was a WFH day for him since he’s getting over a cold. For lunch, I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I had a little of everything:


Leftover tuna salad on one half of an Ezekiel english muffin, sunflower butter on the other half, and a salad made with spinach, romaine, toasted cashews, and blueberries.


The dressing for the salad was one I shook up made out of oil, vinegar, honey, and sea salt. Perfect.

For a Monday, I had a lot going on this afternoon. Aside from cleaning and working on some virtual clients’ training programs, I also had to visit the post office. This alone sucked an hour away from my day, in part because I cannot, for the life of me, parallel park. I’d rather spend 20 minutes circling a lot before parellell parking. They didn’t even make me do it during driving school, so I guess I just never learned.


Sorry to cut this post short, but I’ve got a client phone call to make and then have a Skype meeting shortly afterward! Hope you all have had a good day so farSmile

Are you a good parallel parker? Or do you avoid it at all costs, like me? Smile with tongue out

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  1. stephanie says:

    I am awful at parallel parking! I avoid it at all costs and then when there’s no other choice, my car is half ways on the curb and scaring the people around me to check their cars for dings!!

  2. I cannot parallel park to save my life… I always remmeber Alicia Silverstone in Clueless says “What’s the point? Everywhere you go they have valet!” Luckily that’s true in my city. :)

  3. I can only parallel park when I am not under any pressure or being rushed! If there are people waiting for me to park so they can drive past, I get really flustered and then can’t do it

  4. I have never parallel parked. Ever. I’m not even sure they made me do it during my driver’s test. If they did, I failed that part.

  5. I am a rockin parallel parker. If you dont learn how to parallel park living downtown Chicago and then downtown San Diego and in So Cal in general, you may never be able to get out of your park and leave it parked somewhere.

    A must-have skill!

    • Then I’ll have to learn some day! I imagine there will be an argument between Shane and I that day 😉

  6. I avoid parallel parking at all costs as well! Jason cannot stand it and has literally parellel parked my car from the passenger seat bc I drove in circles trying to avoid the one spot open – my arch nemessis, the parallel park! 😛 That shiz is hard, yo! MULU

  7. haha I love that commercial! I just put it in a recent post too actually.

  8. Ran Mom says:

    Learned how to drive in Chicago, so I learned how to parallel park before I could spell the word, parallel. Also learned how to pull out to the middle, wait, and then go the other direction. Anyone from Chicago know what I’m talking about?

    Your everyday salads are a work of art!

  9. HORRIBLE parallel parker it almost caused me to flunk the driver’s test! I hit the pole and it was shaking when I took it 😉 I too had car trouble last night due to a blonde moment. Shaking head sometimes I just want to bike everywhere! I wish I liked salads people like you make them looks so yummy!


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