Stress Eating…or Not Eating

I just got in from a 4.2 mile interval run, during which the sky spit on me the entire time. I think that warrants another notch in the ole Hardcore Belt, don’t you?


Ok, ok. So hardcore is relative. Your hardcore might not be my hardcore. I get it! Winking smile


Last night after work, I headed to Meyer with one mission on my mind: pick up a carton of Ball jars.


I’d about had it with my pantry. The various opened bags, bulk bin baggies, and disorganization of it all finally put me over the edge. So for an hour I took out all the random baggies and emptied them into mason jars and labeled them.


I’m not all the way done, but it’s a darn good start!


Besides, mason jars just look SO cute in pantries. Don’t you think?

Do you have a pantry organization system? Now only if there were something I could do about my spices…

This little project also took my mind off of some heavy things weighing on it last night. I won’t get into the deets here on the blog (personal stuff=personal life, yah know?Smile) but I was pretty upset about something. Like my girl, Kacy, when something’s on my mind that I’m worrying about, I let it fester and grow until it really affects me.

I think this is one reason why I tend to be so decisive. I hate worrying about the unknown. At least when it’s known I know which side to worry about! haha However, one way worrying affects me is my squashing my appetite. Some people are stress eaters. I’m the opposite. I eat when I’m happy, but my appetite is no where to be found when I’m stressed or upset.

Alas, come 8:00 it’d been 8 hours since lunch, and Shane made me some dinner.


He cooked me salmon on the grill (in tinfoil, in a marinade of mustard, honey, canola oil, and lemon) and I topped it on a bed of veggies.


At the last minute, I had Shane stick a couple sliced fresh mushrooms in the tinfoil to be cooked with the salmon, and it was THE best idea EVER! The mushrooms caramelized and got SO soft and so delicious.


Mmmm Smile Over top, I made up a dressing of apple cider vinegar + mustard + honey + sea salt.

And then to top it off, I had half of a healthy nutty cookie bowl


I’m still super obsessed with them!


Done and done. And I’m feeling a lot better this morning Open-mouthed smile

I’m glad you guys liked yesterday’s post on energy expenditure and how much spontaneous activity impacts our metabolism! It’s interesting stuff – and a good reminder to moooove around!

Well I’m running late! Have a happy Thursday, everyone! Sorry I didn’t post the ab post this morning – completely ran outta time. It will be next Smile


What have you done that’s hardcore lately? It doesn’t even have to be fitness related! It can be standing up to a “bully,” asking for something that takes some guys (regardless if you got it or not!)…anything! Smile

Do you tend to eat more when stressed or upset? Or does your appetite vanish when things are looking down?

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  1. I’m the same as you. Stress = no appetite. I was so busy and “stressed” yesterday I didn’t eat dinner! Unless a piece of fruit + cookie is dinner 😉

  2. I tend to do the same thing. really stressed = i don’t have much of an appetite.

    that dinner looks awesome!

  3. I’m a total stress eater. Dates back when I used to smoke every time I was stressed… something had to replace it. meh!

    Hilarious- I actually have an entire box of mason jars in my house waiting to be taken back home to my mom. She always sends up canned things to eat and I always forget to take them back with me! Oops…

  4. Unless it’s a really sad kind of stress, I always end up eating more when stressed out.
    My life has been pretty hard core lately. It’s settling back down to normal now though :)

    • Yeah..I guess different stress affects in different ways…
      And I just realized I forgot to put a link within your name in the post. It’s there now:)

  5. I’m a total stress eater. I hate it. I’d rather have no appetite because gaining weight always just adds to my stress!

    I’m trying to make a major decision…go back to work after baby #3 or stay home again…life would be so much simpler if someone would just tell me all the right things to do 😉 The hubs and I actually have a scheduled “talk” about it this weekend! So sad we are so busy we have to schedule time to talk, but that’s how crazy things are right now! That’s the only thing I need to do that is semi hard-core.

  6. i am the same way. My stomach gets in knots and I can’t eat. So when I am stressed for a long time, its not good! Gotta work on that.
    I love mushrooms, good call!

  7. Sorry to hear that something’s got you stressed, girl. Hopefully you will work it out for the best possible outcome.
    Something hardcore that I did lately? Took a vacation! Things have been awful at work lately… just super busy and the days have been jam-packed. I usually take a week off in June, but had no plans for a trip anywhere. So I just said “F*ck it!” and took three days off anyhow! So far, this stay-cation has been a great and much-needed break.I’ve been doing stuff around the house and am going to head out on a nice mid-day run.

  8. Aww I love the look of Mason jars… I wish we would organize our pantry with them, but we are just too lazy.

    Today I carried a MASSIVE load of groceries to my car. About 3 employees asked me if I wanted “help out” as I was exiting the grocery store. I felt pretty hardcore 😉

    I eat more when I’m stressed, unless if I am so stressed that I don’t have time to eat. But then it always becomes the frantic raiding of the fridge/pantry to hurry and get some comfort food in me… that’s never a good thing though!

  9. janetha says:

    those added mushrooms look heavenly. i wish i ate mushrooms more often–marshall hates when they even touch his food. weirdo! you are so organized with your jars and labels. i am impressed!

  10. I’ve always wished I was a stress non-eater, but I’m definitely the opposite! The good thing is that I don’t normally crave carbs, I just crave….food in general, so I normally make decent choices.

    The salmon looks amazing! Nick is on a break from work next week and said he would make dinner. I would die if he made salmon. He isn’t a fish fan, but I am, and I LOVE the idea of mushrooms on the salmon!

  11. I’m sorry to hear that things have been stressful lately, but I definitely get it. I’ve dealt with some stress this spring and some things are best left off the blog. Stress eating always creeps back into my life when I have a lot going on. I tend to run towards sugar and treats when I’m feeling overwhelmed, so it’s something I always try to be aware of. Getting enough sleep definitely helps me to feel better.

  12. stephanie says:

    i like your mason jar organization, they look so cute!

    I can’t eat at all when I’m stressed either


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