Smells Like Summer Vacation

Good morning! For some reason, today feels like “summer break” for me. It totally isn’t, but I feel like I have the rest of the summer off to do whatever I please: read books, go to the pool, garden, take a mid week trip, etc. I think I might just live out this feeling, because it sure does sound good! teachers: does summer make the school year worth it?? Smile

Anyway, since yesterday morning the weather was the bipolar weather that Illinois is, I took advantage in the morning. Thunderstorms = baking, right? Well, maybe it means more than that. Like a leisurely waffle breakfast!


I just used my usual whole wheat protein waffles recipe and my usual topping, but added in a little somthin’ somethin’ to the topping. Remember the blueberry syrup I made last weekend?


You know that’s why that yogurt is blue! Winking smile SO good. I could probably think of a million ways to use this syrup!!


Anyway, this breakfast fueled quite a few activities (it’s so filling!) including making 5 minute nutty protein cookie bowls! This time I made in completely in the Vitamix, dry ingredients in first, then wet.


They turned out delicious, as always…



But, I think I prefer them better in the food processor and then just combined.

Next, my waffle fueled my workout! OK, guys. Honesty time. After my run on Friday my sciatic nerve was reallly talking to me. I didn’t workout at all on Saturday, and though normally I’d get a run in and do some yoga on Sunday, I decided it was best to just get in some yoga. My gym had a class in about a half hour, so it was perfect.


Have I showed you guys my favorite “yoga transition” top? This flowy (lululemon) top makes a transition from OK I’m sitting in class ready to begin and warm up  to ok, I’m definitely WARM. Know what I mean? I love love love it, but don’t think I’ve showed it on the blog! It’s pretty cute, too.

Not cute? The ridiculous outfit I put on when I got back home.


After yoga, I still wasn’t hungry, so I bypassed lunch and got in some cleaning and laundry. Then I looked down at myself and realized I couldn’t let this outfit go unseen. Anyone else absolutely not give two craps whether they match at home or not? *raises hand* Rolling on the floor laughing haha

Finally, the waffle wore off, and it was time for lunch.


Mmmm sauce, anyone? Underneath that blanket of tasty sauce, were chickpeas, broccoli, spinach, and romaine. I haven’t had a salad like this in forever and my, my, was it fantastic! I’m so glad I still have some of that sauce left Open-mouthed smile


Mmmm Winking smile

A little more cleaning and blog reading, and then it was time to clean up and get ready! Shane and I had plans to go see the Hangover Part II with some friends.


It was SO wrong, but SO hilarious, and Bradley Cooper is SO fineWinking smile And? There were only 5 other people in the theatre! Nevermind the fact that they chose to sit directly in front of us (wtf?) but it was such a good time.

Afterward we hit up a Mexican restaurant across the street for some grub. I went with veggie fajitas, sans tortillas.


Delicious! Just like it is every other time we goWinking smile

The rest of the night involved Niko walks, finishing up cleaning, and Dexter season 4 finales. Good timesSmile


Now it’s time to read your blogs, and then I’m off to a spin class before training a client! Then I’ll probably read a book since it’s summer break and all Winking smile

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  1. Bradley Cooper is AMAZING! I get jealous of my teacher friends who have the summer off. But then when I hear about their stories from the school year I know it is well deserved!

  2. That shirt is super cute! I love flowy shirts like that. Also, I don’t usually care if I match outside of the house either. Fashion isn’t really my thing. lol

  3. I LOVE having the movie theater to ourselves. Because then we can chat and laugh as loud as we want. As much as I pay to go- I feel like I’m entitled to. :p

  4. Being a teacher is definitely one of the toughest jobs, but rewarding in so many ways. Summer vacation is definitely one of them! There is also such a sense of accomplishment at the end of every school year, and I love seeing my former students grow up. My first class of 3rd graders is now in high school, which just seems crazy! Fall break, winter break, and spring break also make teaching fantastic. :)

  5. I really like that Lulu top. Is it a recent purchase?

  6. I wear THE most ridiculous outfits at home. Usually one of my husband’s shirts and a random pair of workout shorts–at 28 weeks pregnant, I have outgrown all of my lounging shirts and I’m really too cheap to buy any new ones :)

    That Mexican food looks quite familiar! I <3 their chips and salsa and rice and beans–I'm not sure if they are supposed to go into my fajita, but they always do! Yum!

    • Ha! It’s Fiesta Ranchera…seems like all towns have a Fiesta Ranchera-type restaurant (or three!) in them 😛

  7. I love your lululemon top!! I’ve never bought anything from there because I can’t bear the expense!! I should get over it…

    Also, I wear outfits like the one that you put on when you got home on a daily basis. I was just telling Hubby yesterday that I have no idea why I bother showering in the morning when I just put on some old shorts, a sports bra and tank and spend the day in the yard.

    Alas, I had to shower today since I’m teaching piano lessons! Happy Summer :)

  8. I am really excited about future summer vacations as a grad student getting my master’s in teaching. I know how hard people work during the year so it’s totally deserved!

    And your VitaMix!! Swoon!!

  9. Gah, I miss summer break so much! Those were good times.
    I kind of love the outfit :)

  10. Two things – 1)I seriously never fully appreciated summer vacations as a kid until I grew up and now I wish I appreciated them as much as I would NOW if I had the entire summer off! Wouldn’t that be amazing??? 2) I loooooove that yoga top!! Must have it!

  11. Yay for summer vacation! I have 12 days left of the year! Summer vacation is funny. Some years it’s so sad to say goodbye to my class. Other years (like this one) I am counting the days. I definitely need a break to recharge before a new group of kiddos comes in.

    Cute top!


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