Sick Beats

I love weekend days where I have absolutely NO commitments! Yesterday I took Niko for a 30 minute walk after breakfast, and then rested on the couch watching HGTV for a solid hour. Perfection Smile

Really, the whole day I completely avoided things I needed to do. You know, cleaning, laundry, washing my makeup brushes, practicing yoga, taking a shower can wait Winking smile

Besides, I was too busy doing these things!

1) Downloading sick beats from this superawesomeamazing omgwtfbbq website:


Holy mash ups. One of the reasons I love Glee so much is that every now and then they perform a mash up. I love mash ups! Milkman is a website that offers awesome mashups for FREE. They’re pretty sick beats, and I’ll probably listen to the songs whenever I’m doing a kick-butt interval workout – or training clients in interval or boot camp style workouts. Have you checked it out yet? I don’t know why you wouldn’t!

And in between downloading music, shopping for a gift for a bridal shower tomorrow, and watching HGTV…

2) I made the best sandwich ever:


How long has it been since you’ve had a tuna salad sandwich?! When I make them, I just add a little mayo, Greek yogurt, relish, and onion. I sandwiched it in between an Ezekiel English muffin, topped with spinach and some avocado. Tuna and avocado go very tastily together!

And because the 2 cartons of ice cream, 1 box of Magnum ice cream bars, and 1 bar of dark chocolate isn’t enough dessert for one household…

3) I made these rice crispy treats:


Although mine weren’t vegan because I used real butter, they still turned out fantastic. Angela’s a vegan domestic goddess!

And because I feel the need to put anything that can fit into a mason jar into a mason jar…with a label…

4) I did more pantry organizing:



I hope this cute little system lasts longer than a month!

And finally, because Shane fell asleep on the couch after we watched an episode Mad Men…

5) I finished a book:


A client lent me this book a couple weeks ago, and despite not being sure if I’d be able to “get into it,” I haven’t been able to put it down! It’s definitely an unsettling read, but it’ll shake you to your core. It’s the kind of book that’s got you realizing how little you are to the rest of the world…at least it did me!

And lastly, this isn’t something I did yesterday, but promised you all I’d show you my hair cut/hi-light…

6) My hurr:



Nothin’ too different – just a little spruced up! Smile

And because I spent yesterday indulging in the pleasures of life…

I’m off to tackle this mile long to-do list Winking smile

Have a great Sunday, folks! It’s a beautimus one here! I’m off to start it off with a quick 3 miler. When it’s this lovely, I just can’t resist Open-mouthed smile

What did you neglect this weekend without any guilt in order to live life?

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  1. I neglected pretty much everything, haha. I actually have to get it done, so I’d better do it today – but it was worth feeling rushed to have a fun weekend :)
    Love the hair spruce!

  2. I love mixes and beats, so I’ll check it out! Need new tunes!!

  3. Love the haircut!

  4. stephanie says:

    Good for you, taking a day for yourself! Your hair looks super cute!

  5. hello RAN. sammie looks amaze! and you have been looking especially amaze lately also! your hurr looks too cute- and that dress, oow oow!

    what CD was that u were downloading from? u kno how D$ likes her SICK beats! XOox love d

  6. It has been WAY too long since we had a weekend day with nothing on the to do list. Sounds like fun :) The rice treats look so yummy and I love your hair (and dress!!).

  7. cute hair!

    and my pantry is in glass jars, for the most part. and i have dropped and shattered glass. oh, the joys. dont do what i did :)

    and angela’s bars, saw those, and am a huge RKTreats fan myself…I have made totally vegan/GF ones before but admit, I love me some real marshmallows! :)

    yours look great!

  8. loveee your haircut!

    going to look that book up right now. i need new reading material like crazy.

  9. So jealous of your almond butter treats! I was drooling over those on Angela’s blog the other day…

    I pretty much neglected all my responsibilities this weekend to hang out with my husband and friends. It was totally worth it, but now I’ve got to play catch-up!

    Love the new hair cut! 😀

  10. Love the hair… and purple dress :)

  11. Your hair looks great! And I adore care free days like that. I just bookmarked that music site!

  12. Great weekend! On Saturday, I turned my cell phone off. It sucks me in to Twitter, FB, and blogs and I become inattentive and miss out on the moments at hand. It felt so good to be free of technology for one day.

  13. Have you ever heard of girl talk? It’s a bunch of awesome mash ups. Perfect for motivation for workouts!

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