Land Line vs. Cell Phones

Yesterday morning I was hurriedly making breakfast before leaving for work. My bowl of stovetop protein oats was delicious! However…


I left my stove burner on all. day. long yesterday Sad smile I felt SO SO horrible, but am SO thankful nothing happened…like the house burning down.

Shane actually saw that it was on around 3:00 pm. I freaked out, thinking about everything that could have happened, how wasteful it was, how it will affect the bill, how I should have paid more attention after making breakfast, should be less scatter brained while rushing around in the morning, etc. I was shoulding all over myself. Thankfully, Shane said, “it happens. The house didn’t burn down. And we just got the gas bill, so we’ll forget it about by next month.Smile

Ay ay ay…anyway.

Land Lines vs. Cell Phones


Speaking of bills, I had a conversation with some coworkers today about home phone lines. Part of my job as a personal trainer involves sending and receiving faxes. Any time I train a client who’s health history requires me to talk to their physician, I need to communicate via fax and phone with their doctor to get their approval and recommendations to work out.

However, for the last two years I’ve been training, this has been quite the go around for me. It’s not a terribly annoying problem, as I only have to contact a doctor about 20% of the time, and during those times I have to use a friend or family’s fax machine. This is because I haven’t had a land line for five years!


To be honest, I’m always surprised when I find that people do have land lines still! I do understand, however, the benefit for those who work at home. Also, sometimes cable companies bundle cable/internet/phone so opting out of a land line ends up being more expensive (another reason how cable companies suck your soul from you.)

Do you have a home phone/land line? Why or why not? Shane and I opted not to have one because we each two cell phones (business and personal each) and we’d probably end up never answering the home phone Smile with tongue out

Anyway…breakfast for the first half of the morning!


Half of an Ezekiel English muffin w/ some sunflower buttah.


Plus a blueberry iced coffee to go!

It’s only half of my breakfast, because I’m training a client right in the middle of my normal breakfast time. I’ll probably munch on a Luna Bar or something once I get into the office Smile

Well it’s time for me to scoot! I slept in an extra half hour this morning, and it was glorrrrious. That means, after work I’m headed to the gym to get in a tempo run + some chest exercises.

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  1. We were just talking last week abut why we still have our land line… I for some reason like it, though really only our families call us on it and we both have have cells they could call. But when we looked into it, like you said, we really aren’t paying for it because of how our other services are bundled with it, so it stays for now!

  2. We do not have a land line any more! We used to have the bundle but then when the price doubled after a year of the $29.95/each price, we cancelled it all! Sometimes I wish we did when I’m home alone and I’ve lost my cell phone 😉

    I’ve never had a fax machine but my husband and I can both use ours at work, if needed.

  3. We’ve never had a land line either. My parents just can’t understand it but there’s absolutely no reason for it! We actually did technically have a phone number with our cable package, b/c like you said it was cheaper to have all 3 services than leaving the phone out but we never actually bought a phone!

  4. we had a land line at our old house, but we didn’t have one set up in the new house when we moved in December.

  5. We have a land line… we got it when our services were bundled, and now I kind of like it. It’s just more convenient to talk on at home. The speaker phone on my iphone isn’t always the best, so the house phone is nice.

  6. I have a landline. I like having a landline because when I call family in Europe, I can hear better because sometimes cell phones dont always have the greatest reception. I dont think I will ever get rid of the landline! 😀

  7. Definitely cell phone only! If you can’t reach me there, you can’t reach me. I’ll reconsider that someday when there are kids in the house, but that’ll be a while…

  8. I don’t have a landline either. I move too much to make it worth it! I always feel like I should get one when I’m at home and talk to someone on my cell for a long time since they’re coming out with all these studies about how bad cell phones probably are for our health. Oh well! Scary about the burner- I left the propane tank on “open” the other night and even though it’s on my balcony, I freaked out when I realized it!

  9. We don’t have a land line either!

    I have a gift card that I’m thinking of using for a french press…so I can make iced coffees the Paige way :)


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