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How To’s-Day: Iced Coffee w/ a French Press

You can have too much of a good thing…


At least that’s what my wallet tells meWinking smile Ever since a new coffee shop opened up by my house, I’ve been buying way too many iced coffees. I allow myself to buy them on the weekends – as treats – but this is just getting out of hand!

OK, fine. I’ll stop buying iced coffees during the week. But it’s a treat I don’t want to give up! And you can’t make me! Wah!

Because I’ll make my own Winking smile

How to Make Iced Coffee in a French Press

You will need…


2 cups of cold water, 5 tbsp of flavored, coarsely ground coffee, 1 French press, and a stir-er.

Step 1 – Scoop out the coffee into the French press and pour the cold water over the grounds. Stir.


Step 2 – Place the lid back on the French press, but don’t plunge! Stick it in the fridge over night.


Step 3 – Wake up, remove lid, and fill it all the way up with cold water.


Step 4 –  Then put the lid back on and plunge.


Step 5 – fill a cup with ice and cream + sugar if you so desire, and pour the cold iced coffee over top.IMG_3278


On Sunday, I made enough for 3 days this week Open-mouthed smile Woo hoo!!



Time to go train a string of clients! Now let me just find my second wind… Winking smile Have a great evening, loves!

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you prefer drinking it hot or cold? I always must have a hot mug of coffee upon waking, but in the summer I like to have a second cup of iced coffee Smile

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  1. I LOVE making iced coffee at home. I usually drink that at home after my workout while I get ready in the morning and then I splurge on iced from starbucks on the way to work (on my lonnnnnng commute I mentioned to you!) – it’s my one splurge for the week that I feel I deserve for the commute alone. Justified, right?? I don’t own a french press but now I totally want one! I usually make mine in my regular old automatic coffee pot.

  2. I love iced coffee in the summer, but I just can’t do it in the winter.

  3. Funny… my boyfriend recently got a portable FP and told me a few days later that he learned to not plunge the thing right away… LOL.

    I couldn’t warn him, either, as I am not a coffee drinker (yet, I suppose).

  4. I was just talking to my husband the other day about buying a french press, do they make a difference in the taste of the coffee? We actually only own a Tassimo right now so have no way to brew coffee. Starbucks VIA’s are my best friends!

    I love a hot cup of coffee any morning but on a hot summer afternoon I agree on iced coffee!

  5. I usually prefer hot coffee but my iced coffee cravings have definitely spiked with the outdoor temps. During the workweek I still prefer hot, but on weekends when I sleep a little later I prefer iced.

  6. I love coffee – cold or hot it’s all good to me!

  7. Well that looks absolutely fantastic :) I love iced coffee!

  8. Well isn’t your magenta Bodum french press adorable :-)
    My iced coffee has to be STRONG!

  9. I Work with an 80 year old lady who is literally addicted to McDonald’s Frappuccinos. I taught her how to make her own iced coffee the other day and she’s in LOVE!! So easy, right?! And almost as good….almost. BUt so much cheaper too, which I think was a more important reason for this lady. She said she was spending way too much money on coffee! Personally, I like my coffee hot in the morning, but cold during the day. But I rarely drink coffee during the day.

  10. i love my coffee cold! i used to drink it black but then realized it was just way better with a little soy milk – i find non-dairy milks double as sweetener & cream since they taste sweeter than 2% dairy milk to me, even if they are labeled “unsweetened”!

    and ps. this is my first time commenting – hi! love your blog :)


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