Eight Thursday Thoughts

Because 8’s my second favorite number (following # 27)…

1. I never truly knew what a tempo run was until yesterday, and they have been training plans for more than a year. I was just doing what I thought was a tempo run, which was running each mile a little quicker than the previous one! I’d be wrong, though!

2. Working out in the afternoon/evening makes me really, really, really tired. Last night’s said tempo run was done like this: warm up 1.5 mile run at 6.0-6.2 speed, 2 miles tempo speed 6.7-7.0, 1.5 miles cool down run at 6.0-6.2. I could barely muster the strength to eat dinner, I was so tired. OK, who am I kidding, I inhaled dinner. Afterward, though, I collapsed on the couch right next to all of the laundry I’d intended to do!

3. Comcast is horrible. That is all…

OK, that’s not all. Our internet has been dropping out like MAD lately, and it’s really frustrating when trying to put together online training plans!

4. I have to get a cavity filled today, and I’m being pretty pouty about it. However, it needs to be done – and I’m leaving work early to do it Smile

5. Normal’s first self serve frozen yogurt shoppe opens on the 4th of July and nothing can stop me from going!!


On Monday we’re heading over to uptown Normal to fill our cups with yogurt, and then top with all the combos of toppings imaginable!!!! I’m scarily excited about Chill Out! Yogurt’s grand openingOpen-mouthed smile 

6. This morning is my first time drinking a juice sans fruit.


I don’t think I’m rea-dy for this carrot-cuke-cel-ery.


7. Google Plus.


Google + is Google’s social network, which will compete with Facebook. It will have 5 parts, which you can see in the picture above. It’s like Facebook, but it’s not! I’ve never really been a fan of Facebook (in fact, in college I was known to deactivate my account many of times) so I think I’ll at least check it outSmile

8. Did I mention the women’s running shoes went back to the store?


Yeah…apparently my second toe just couldn’t hang in the women’s shoe. It’s never been the same since training for my first half marathon more than a year ago, and did NOT feel comfortable. Sooo…I went back on the men’s version. So much for cute running shoes! Smile with tongue out

Happy Thursday, friends! Open-mouthed smile Hope it’s a great one for ya’s! It’s going to be a hot one here, but I don’t mind. I might be hitting up a spin class tonight after my dentist appointment – woot!

Has there ever been a certain exercise/workout you found out you’ve been doing wrong the whole time? Tempo runs confuse me…

Are you going to check out Google + ? Do you ever think you could switch over from Facebook?

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  1. I had a facebook account for 4 years before really starting to use it. Not a huge fan, but gave into the social pressure. Google + should be interesting…

  2. my hubs just pointed out google plus to me. Whatcha think? I’m not sure I can handle another social site though. eek!

  3. Comcast is the WORST!
    I’m having froyo for dinner tonight :)

  4. I hate Comcast. You are not alone.

    As for the cavity thing… Ice cream. It’s what’s for dinner. :)

  5. Srephanie says:

    Oh boy, I better see one LOADED yogurt bowl on Monday!

    I never knew what fartleks or burpees were until a few weeks ago…I had done them both before, but never knew the name

    I hardly ever think running shoes are cute (even though they are my BFFs) so at least you know what works for you. I had no idea guys fit so differenty

  6. Hope your dentist appt. went ok! Hate getting cavities filled. Ever since I have been using an electric toothbrush, I haven’t had a cavity (going on about 6 years now). Well and not drinking soda helped too. :)

    Anyway, you are so lucky to get a froyo place. We are seriously lacking them in the Midwest, huh? We have none around here and a co-worker and I were just whining about that today in fact. We were bonding over our pinkberry obsession.

  7. SO jealous that you get a Fro Yo Shop! We STILL don’t have one in my town and it’s killing.me.dead.

    Separately, I’m positive that I’m doing half of my yoga poses wrong, but it still seems to work, so we’ll keep on with it 😉

  8. I think I always do tempo runs wrong but I dont care. I do them like you, first mile warm up and then each mile (usually) gets progressively faster. But hey, this isnt my job, I ran cuz I LOVE it, so my ‘hard’ runs are fun for me too-even if I DONT do them right =)

  9. Frozen Yogurt shop?? I know you said Uptown Normal, but do you know where exactly? I would love to go, but I dont go to Uptown Normal very often! :(

  10. I had to have a cavity filled the other day. I wasn’t too concerned until I sat in the chair and they starting numbing my mouth. I was supposed to go on a first date in 3 hours and my face was half numb! I freaked out! Then I had to make the date a little later. I don’t think the numb face look makes a great first impression. Hah!

  11. Live in Normal also…..dislike Comcast a lot. I call so often that when they ask me if I want to take the survey at the end of the call I always tell them that I call once a week so do they REALLY want to know what I have to say!


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