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Happy Saturday, friends! It’s finally a sunny day here in central Illinois. It’s been June Gloom for the past week or so, so a little sunshine is totally welcome Smile

I had a good time reading everyone’s comments about eating breakfast before early morning exercise. A lot of you don’t, or even can’t eat breakfast before working out! Sometimes I feel this way too, but I’ll just eat a small bite of banana to provide a little fuel. However, when all is said and done, do what works for you, right? Smile


Yesterday after training all my clients, I headed out to the trails for an impromptu 6 miler. The 6 mile run was actually supposed to be this morning, but here was my dilemma: Had a hair appointment (just a highlight and trim – I’ll post pics when I don’t have crusty eyes and morning face Smile with tongue out) yesterday afternoon and I wanted my blowout to last a couple days. A 6 mile run the next morning is NOT conducive to making a blow last – at least not when you sweat like I do.

Anyway, the run was moved to yesterday, and I cannot believe how fast and easy the 6 miles were! I haven’t had a good run over 5 miles in I don’t know how long, so this was pretty encouraging. Also encouraging? The Florence and the Machine soundtrack. If you’re looking for a good workout jam, listen to this album!

I had a lunch somewhere in there, too:

IMG_32011 egg + 1 egg white, bed o’ greens, broccoli, chickpeas, Mmmm sauce + a cucumber/apple/carrot juice.


And about a bajillion unpictured Stacy’s pita chips Winking smile

After the hair appointment, Shane and I decided to grab a bite to eat in the uptown area of Normal.


This is one of our go-to spots. On one side is a meat sub shop, and on the other is a vegetarian café. Ironic, but it works for couples like us! haha


I ordered the hummus + veggie wrap and some oven fries.

And Shane had some sub that even looked delicious to me:


Plus we shared a cookie from the dessert caseSmile


After eating, we weren’t quite ready to head home yet, so we hung out at an Irish pub at a table on the sidewalk and had a couple beers.

IMG_1610 IMG_1609

It was such a relaxing night, but really a lot of fun!

Oh, and we’re on episode 2, season 1 of Mad Men, which we watched last night. Any Mad Men fans here? Does it get better? We’re both kinda “meh” about it right now…

Time to make some juice and then take Niko on a walk! Plans for the day don’t include too much! Just need to film some exercises for a couple virtual clients (and for the ab post that is still on its way to the blog!) and pick up a wedding shower gift.

Have a great Saturday, friends! Hot smile

Feather Extensions

Have you guys heard about the latest craze in hair styles?



(that’s Kim, from Sunny State of Mind)

All the girls at Station 710 had these fishing lure feathers in their hair. I actually think they look very cool. I almost got one! Then I chickened out. Maybe I’ll go back and get one (just one!) soon?

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  1. Florence & the Machine is AWESOME running tunes! Definitely have not heard or seen this fishing lure hair thing. If you get one post some up close pics. I’m interested!

  2. That place sounds awesome!
    I kind of think I like the feather thing, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull it off.

  3. That’s cool how the restaurant is setup! That is always my dream place to find because it’s so much easier to grab a healthy veggie option.

    It’s a beautiful day in Wisconsin too! So excited to see the sun! Plus, it’s not super hot so I can hang outside on a lawn chair and just relax with a book without being uncomfortably hot. Hope you had a good walk with Nico.

    I saw a news article about the hair craze and thought of Kim’s post on it from earlier this week.

    Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

  4. I took a seminar on Mad Men last semester-
    & yes, the series gets better & better!!!!!

  5. What a great night! Those cookies sure looked tasty :)
    I have seen this new trend more and more lately! I have thought about getting one too… Would you possibly want to get one ‘together?’ Let me know haha

  6. I actually had a feather in my hair a few months ago. It lasts for a few weeks and is really fun! I left mine in for about three weeks, but I was ready for it to come out. If you do get it, be aware of where you get it because it does snag on combs/brushes.

  7. Melissa @ missmelissblurbs says:

    I love your blog! It’s so weird seeing pictures from Normal! I graduated from ISU and the Coffeehouse was my FAVORITE place to go to, being a vegetarian :) Love seeing all the familiar places in your blog.


  1. […] up from the weekend? Friday, Shane and I had a date night in Uptown Normal at a café that satisfied both of our foodie cravings. Saturday, I slacked off my entire to […]

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