Eight Thursday Thoughts

Because 8’s my second favorite number (following # 27)… 1. I never truly knew what a tempo run was until yesterday, and they have been training plans for more than a year. I was just doing what I thought was a tempo run, which was running each mile a little quicker than the previous one! […]

Land Line vs. Cell Phones

Yesterday morning I was hurriedly making breakfast before leaving for work. My bowl of stovetop protein oats was delicious! However… I left my stove burner on all. day. long yesterday I felt SO SO horrible, but am SO thankful nothing happened…like the house burning down. Shane actually saw that it was on around 3:00 pm. […]

How To’s-Day: Iced Coffee w/ a French Press

You can have too much of a good thing… At least that’s what my wallet tells me Ever since a new coffee shop opened up by my house, I’ve been buying way too many iced coffees. I allow myself to buy them on the weekends – as treats – but this is just getting out […]

A Happy Accident: Lasagna Spaghetti

After spending the entire afternoon working at the computer and dealing with a sketchy internet connection (curses, Comcrapcast!!!) I was actually happy to get up and do some manual labor. Laundry doesn’t sound so bad after being at the kitchen table working on the computer for a few hours. Neither does making this dinner: I […]

Switch Out Spin Out + Parallel Parking

Whoa! Today passed by way too quickly! I guess I shouldn’t complain about my morning commutes anymore. Some of you posting about hour + commutes have got my first world pains sympathy! Yeah, definitely no longer complaining about my 20 minute commute I only make three times per week… This morning I mentioned I was […]

Talking About Work Commutes

Morning! Catching up from the weekend? Friday, Shane and I had a date night in Uptown Normal at a café that satisfied both of our foodie cravings. Saturday, I slacked off my entire to do list in favor of down loading an awesome workout playlist, plus I showed off my new hair. — I just […]

Sick Beats

I love weekend days where I have absolutely NO commitments! Yesterday I took Niko for a 30 minute walk after breakfast, and then rested on the couch watching HGTV for a solid hour. Perfection Really, the whole day I completely avoided things I needed to do. You know, cleaning, laundry, washing my makeup brushes, practicing […]

A Vegetarian Meat Sub Shop

Happy Saturday, friends! It’s finally a sunny day here in central Illinois. It’s been June Gloom for the past week or so, so a little sunshine is totally welcome I had a good time reading everyone’s comments about eating breakfast before early morning exercise. A lot of you don’t, or even can’t eat breakfast before […]

Exercising in the AM on an Empty Stomach

Yesterday morning I committed one of my cardinal sins – working out on a completely empty stomach! I knew this as I headed out the door for my interval run, but rationalized it by saying I had a late dinner + a snack afterward the night before. Still, that was more than 9 hours prior, […]

Stress Eating…or Not Eating

I just got in from a 4.2 mile interval run, during which the sky spit on me the entire time. I think that warrants another notch in the ole Hardcore Belt, don’t you? Ok, ok. So hardcore is relative. Your hardcore might not be my hardcore. I get it! Anyway. Last night after work, I […]

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