Water Weight

We’ve got a situation on our hands…


Our water heater broke last night!

We woke up to a big mess…and a lot of water weight in the carpet of my closet that Shane built for meSad smile

Today’s been a bit of a disaster. We’ve been toweling, draining, unhooking, and installing all day long. I think carrying buckets and buckets of water upstairs as well as a water heater tank out to the curb can count as my workout Winking smile 


And between all of this, I worked from home as much as I could today for the BIC. Needless to say, not too many hours got logged.

I also did my help by taking a shower at the gym (where there’s warm water) and eating out of throwaway containers:


I don’t mind the second part too much Winking smile Plus, I haven’t had oats in a peanut butter jar in for ever!

So, while we’re installing a new water heater (guff $$$) for your reading pleasure, head on over to my fitness website and read my advice on weight loss plateaus.

See you in the tomorrow with the most epic recipe evvvverrrrr Winking smile

Have you ever had to replace a broken water heater? How annoying is it that they just up and decide to start leaking?! Can I get a warning? A beep? A little leak? Geesh!

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  1. Oh no, that’s not fun at all! My parents are having issues with theirs, too. There must be something in the air! I hope you can get a repairman out quickly!

  2. as a kid yes my parents water heater broke

    and here in aruba, my plumbing has exploded in my house. good old well built carribbean houses. NOT!

    hugs girl and hang in there!

  3. Oh ugh. I hate when stuff like this happens (although a broken water heater is the one thing that we have yet to experience…knock on wood!). I wish I had advice, but I wish you luck! Isn’t it crazy how you never realize how important things are, until they are gone? Cold showers, yuck. At least it’s 90 degrees outside!

  4. Eek! I hope you get it fixed! I’m so scared to be a home owner for that exact reason. I’m not at all good under pressure.

  5. Busted water heaters are not. fun. at. all.

  6. Oh no! I’m so sorry…that’s a bummer :(

  7. Oh man! Sorry you have to deal with that, Paige. My brother is a plumber, so we are lucky to have a handyman on call for these events, but they are always stressful.

  8. RAN Mom says:

    Four busted water heaters in 25 years for us, but they are such a pain, it seems more like 10:-(

  9. Blehh I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with that! What a pain in the butt, to say the least! During the winter, pipes froze in my mom’s house leaving some hefty problems to deal with. Oh the joys of some appliances 😉


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