Try the Splits

The relaxation from Friday morning and afternoon carried all throughout the evening! When Shane got home, he had a little web design work to do (he designs websites on the side and just designed this one!) so I dove head first into my book.


Yes, another real live book!! This one is actually from a client. When she offered it to me, my natural response was Oh, that’s OK I can download it on my Kindle but I went ahead and took it. It’s been kind of refreshing to hold a book in hand Smile 

After Shane was finished with his computer work, he asked me (much like when I ask Niko this question) if I wanted to go for a ride with him, lol. Like the wild and crazy couple we are, we spent our Friday evening hitting up Mernards (a home improvement store,) Meijer, and Best Buy. Shane wants the new Google tablet and wanted to hold it in his hot little hands. I hate Menards and I hate Best Buy, but this made it all worth it:


Nana Thai! We were starved and both craving Thai food (and Thai beer!) so we hit up our fav Thai restaurant. We haven’t been there in a while, so I stuck with my usual, Pad Thai:


I know, so original Smile with tongue out but so good!!

After getting some post-dinner ice cream, we headed home to do what we always do lately – watch Dexter #wearesolameithurts. But I kinda love it Winking smile

This morning I’ve got a couple clients to train, but have about an hour or so to get in a workout. I was going to go to spin, but I feel like I’ve been a cardio machine lately. I haven’t done any strength training since Monday! So instead I’m off to do some lifting. I’ll post my long full body strength training workout in my workouts tab later today! Open-mouthed smile 

And then later today, I’m getting a pedicure with my friend, Heidi. I try to wait four weeks in between pedi’s, and it’s been almost four. But when Heidi asked me to go, I just couldn’t resist!

Hey you, Split!: If you’ve got limited of time, but are able to exercise most days of the week, split up your cardio and lifting days. On days where I lift only, I make sure to take Niko for an extra long walk Winking smile

Have super Saturday, all! Ciao ciao!

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  1. I’ve been trying to read that book for almost a year now and just can’t get into it. Let me know if you love it, maybe that will give me some motivation!

  2. I too can’t get into that book either. I’ve been forcing myself to read a little here and there because everyone seems to love it but I’m just not feeling it!

  3. Sounds like a fun day!

  4. hahah- our date night last night sounds very similar to yours :) We had a nice Italian dinner and then went to Marshall home goods and petco. Things clearly get more and more romantic over time hehe. A pedicure? I SO want to go get one. I might need to con my MIL and SIL into getting one with me this week. I haven’t had one since…..February. I like to do a little cardio before I do weights.

  5. I almost always split my days. Or at least I split them up within the day – cardio before work and weights before dinner. It helps me get it all in!

    Also, I really liked your post on training for a marathon with shorter distance runs. I have knee problems that make running crazy mileage every week hard, but I think I could do it with something similar to the Crossfit method. Thanks!

  6. RAN mom says:

    I had trouble staying into The Kite Runner, so I’m staying away from that book. But, I am totally into Randy Singer’s, False Witness. No trouble getting into this one; it’s an action thriller from page one.


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