Tornadic Enchiladas

Morning:) I just finished training an early a.m. session and now I’m enjoying a delicious breakfast throw back!


It has been for-ev-er since I’ve had oatmeal, let alone berries and cream oatmeal! It’s been a little warm here, but today there was a chill after the storm last night (more on that in a sec…) so oats sounded perfectSmile


So yesterday afternoon after leaving the BIC and on the way to go train a couple clients, I stopped by one of my very favorite place:



Last week I sampled some bread that I just haven’t been able to take my mind off of.


Cran Apple Nine Grain bread

Can they please make all their sweet breads with nine grains?! :) This is a grainy, hearty bread with a subtle sweetness, sprinkled with bits of cranberry and apple. Basically, doughy heaven. Smile

Do you have a Great Harvest Bread in your town?

Anyway, after training, I came home and got dinner started. On tonight’s menu was a twist on enchiladas!


The base was based off of the innards of Mama Pea’s tamales. I sauteed an onion, added garlic powder, chili powder, salt, and red wine vinegar. Then I added in honey and tomato sauce before bringing to a boil. Simmer.

From there, I took one big (La Tortilla Factory) tortilla and placed in in the bottom of a square pan, placed the bean mixture over the tortilla, and then placed another tortilla on top. Next, I splashed on half a can of salsa verde, followed by some shredded cheese.  Cover with tin foil, bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Uncover, and bake for 2-3 more minutes.

enchi pie

Topped with avocado slices, they turned out very delicious!! For Shane’s, I just added ground beef.

enchi slice

Funny/scary story: In the middle of baking the enchiladas the tornado sirens went off! There was a tornado on the ground in southeast Bloomington, headed toward Normal. Shane and I put Clarabelle in the basement and then went downstairs ourselves. When we got down there, we saw that we both took extra precautions:


Shane brought down the bottle of wine we’d opened while making dinner and I brought down snacks. So much for blankets and flashlights! haha Priorities, people Rolling on the floor laughing

Thankfully, the warning only lasted about 10 minutes. It got a bit scary when the sirens went off, though. They’re so loud and menacing!

Have the line of storms the past couple of days affected your area at all?

I’m enjoying the conversation about the controversial commercials for Magnum ice cream. What do you think about Karl Lagerfield’s hypocritical commercials?

I’m excited because I’m taking a spin class tonight! :) I’ve been wanting to get to one ever since the kitty incident, and now I finally get to! woot! Open-mouthed smile

Have a good Thursday, peeps! See you this afternoon.

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  1. I love Great HArvest Bread!! Oh man, I’ve always thought it would be fun to open up my own store. Wouldn’t that be the best job, ever?! Their bread is wonderful, and their cookies are even better 😉

    Your enchiladas look amazing. Avocados are like bacon, they make everything taste better :)

  2. We do have a GH! They have amazingggggg bread- YUM! Love it. And that dinner is such a great idea! I love tortillas, but I love the innards more. Glad you two are safe. Yes- food and beverages- way more important than light hehe.

  3. I love that Shane brought wine downstairs with him. I’ve never even heard a tornado siren but it sounds terrifying. I love your enchilada dish. Now I’m craving Mexican food.

  4. love the emergency stash :)

    i wish we had a great harvest!!

  5. RAN mom says:

    Dad and I were in Kroger’s when the rain started. You could not even see outside; the rain was so hard and the sky so dark. A frog hopped in the store from the outside, no lie. Too-wet-for-a-frog-day!!

  6. It just got a little stormy up in the ‘Heights. But I did make a phonecall to Mid-MO to my parents to make sure all was well- sirens were going off, but nothing awful. Whew!

  7. They haven’t effected DC, but one blew away one of my family member’s houses in Missouri and there were tons near my family in Oklahoma on Tuesday.

  8. Glad the storms didn’t do any damage out there! They just missed me in Madison as they were both North & South of there. Pheww. That enchilada bake looks super good!!

  9. We have had crazy weather here too…tornadoes, wind, rain. I’m so ready for sunshine!

  10. Scary! Glad the tornado missed Normal.

    I love GHB too and we have one nearby, but not close enough! If you read Kath’s blog, you probably crave GHB as much as I do.

    Those enchiladas look yummy! I have had mad cravings for avocado the past couple of days and I need to pick some up tomorrow.

  11. Goodness that is scary, but I am glad you are okay and that someone remembered to bring the wine :)
    We used to have a Great Harvest near my town but for some terrible reason it closed down! My favorite was the Cinnamon Chip bread toasted with copious amounts of good old butter…. oh my that was delicious
    The kind you have there looks like something I would definitely enjoy… I love sweeter breads too!

  12. Sounds like a great dinner! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Paige, that’s so scary about the tornado warning! A good thing that you guys immediately went downstairs, though. So many people ignore the sirens and warnings and that just saddens me :-(
    And good call on bringing the wine! You’ve got to keep calm, right?
    We haven’t had any tornado warnings since Sunday night, thank goodness.

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