The Supplements I Take and Why

Since I had time to exercise in the a.m. yesterday, I was able to come straight home after my last client of the afternoon. And I liked what I came home to;)


Grillin’ time! AKA – husband does the cooking time :b

On the grill this time was asparagus, potatoes, burgers for him, and grouper for her.



And while Shane cooked, I read my book:


Shane borrowed my Kindle when he was on business last week, and since I can’t go three hours without reading, I started a real live book!! It’s pretty good. I love me a good thriller every now and thenSmile

Dinner was done in no time!



so yesterday morning I took a trip to go see my chiropractor. For a while, I’d been seeing him every other week, but after my hip stopped hurting I stopped going to him. Then after a little morning when I ran a little race called the Illinois Half Marathon, it started talking to me again. Sooo I landed myself back in his office.

My dr. is also a homeopathic doctor and helps me out with basically whatever is ailing me. During yesterday’s appointment, he did his usual routine and then we started talking about about sleep. Basically, I told him I’m tired a lot and have trouble falling asleep 3/4 weeks of the month. Yah, no bueno. He performed some tests and determined that I am definitely not getting enough deep sleep. I’m not really sure how, but he also determined the cause may be that I am lacking in magnesium and handed me a perscription. It got me thinking about all the supplements I take…which really aren’t that many!

Currently, the only supplements I take are from my homeo doctor. I’m not a huge pill popping fan, and only want to supp what I’m deficient in.

Aside from protein powder, these are the supplements I take on a regular basis:

This is B-12 and was prescribed to be as a "cover your bases" since I don’t eat meat (and only eat fish about once every two weeks.)

Magnesia Phos

I take this for my sciatica problems (read: hip pain.) but it’s also used for muscle cramps and spasms.
And now, I’ll be taking Magnesium at night as a sleep aid.


He said in a few days I should be able to tell a difference. I sure hope so! I’ll keep you guys in the loop, too :)

So that’s all the supps I take! I try to consume as many fruits and veggies as I can, so hopefully I’m getting my nutrients the natural way:)

What’s your stance on taking vitamins/supplements? Which do you take? I’m not against taking them, but I only like to take them if I’m in a deficit of that certain one, ya know? Smile


It is STORMING here. And I’m off to train a client. Eek! I hate driving in storms…wish me luck! Try and have a wonderful, Wednesday, friends!!

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  1. I take a daily multivitamin. But specifically running related, I take glucosamine chondroitin for joints, calcium + Vitamin D for bone health, and magnesium for muscles and spasms I’d been having. My sports doc put me on all three and I’ve seen massive improvements from it!

  2. Hi girlie! : ) You know I am a huge Advocare fan. I take OmegaPlex to promote cardiovascular health. And Joint Promotion to help in relieving occasional pain after a long day of chasing kids around. : ) It contains glucosamine, MSM and other nutrients that support joint health. I also love my Spark drink instead of coffee in the morning. It has 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy. It is sugar free and tastes yummy! Can you tell I love my vitamins/supplements! If something makes you feel better, look better or have more energy… why not take it? : )

  3. I take a daily multi vitamin designed for “active women.” I thought it sounded about right for me haha
    I also take fish oil capsules, and some vitamins to improve my skin, aka try to get rid of pesky pimples that still emerge even in my 20s! Grrr

  4. the only vitamin I have ever taken is a Flintstones multi vitamin. probably not filled with the exact nutrients that I need but a) they are like candy and b) can’t hurt right?

    I try to eat a balanced diet to avoid needing vitamins and so far so good (according to my doctors..)

  5. I have done many posts about them and they do have their place but i prefer to get everything i possibly can from food sources first, pills second.

    I take probiotics daily and eat fermented foods and love magnesium calm by peter gillham. Other than that, I dont take too much else these days…

    keep us posted on yours.

  6. Magnesium glycinate before bed really helps my entire body relax. I’m not a great sleeper either, but magnesium definitely helps me.

  7. I take glucosamine/chondrotin/MSM (all in one) and a multivitamin. I think I should be doing more, but that’s all I can remember to do in a day sometimes. I’m also drinking probiotic juice to help with my digestion.

  8. I don’t take anything. I hate taking pills and I don’t feel like I “need” them. I have glucosamine & some other supplement sitting on my counter, but I never take them. I also have vit. C & D on the counter..don’t take those either. I also have melatonin because I was having trouble sleeping when we first moved, but now I’m fine so I don’t take it..and even back then I only took it a few times. I don’t think I’m patient enough to wait to see the effects; I want instant results, and they obviously don’t give instant results.

  9. Did he mention melatonin at all? I know a lot of people (and one of my parents’ cats- ha!) that take it with good results. Maybe that wouldn’t help with the deep sleep part of the issue, though. I always take B supplements because I’m on BC and it depletes your levels like crazy.

    How awful is this weather?! I really hope it clears up for the weekend.

  10. “a real live book”

    That cracks me up!

    I take calcium and also a daily multi-vitamin that I really only take maybe 3 times a week or so. I’m usually pretty good about covering my bases most of the time, so I feel like that’s adequate enough. :)

    • I do mine like every other day too. I think every single day is excessive!…and hard to remember 😛

  11. Just wanted to say it feels so good to get caught up with you! Missed reading your blog while super busy lately. :(

    Anyways – I don’t really do supplements except a standard vitamin and the fenugreek when my milk supply needs it. I am always interested in B supplements though for extra energy.

  12. I have a lot of trouble sleeping! NO matter how long I lay in bed, I just can’t go to sleep. Why do you take magnesium lactate as opposed to melatonin?
    I was considering getting some melatonin, but I’ve never heard of magnesium lactate as a sleep aid. Wondering what I should get now, lol.

    • Well, I think melatonin’s direct purpose is to induce sleep, while magnesium just makes you calmer. But man taking two of those before bed makes me feel *very* calm, haha


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