Past Snack Obsessions

Do you guys remember Cinnamon Wheat Thins?


Or was I the only one eating 3 boxes per week back in college? Along with a side of boxed wine. I think I may have been the only one eating them, because all of the sudden, they yanked them off the shelves causing me to have withdrawls. Then I realized saltines went well with boxed wine, too. Oh, college. Anyway, Team Giles tweeted about wheat thins yesterday and it reminded me of them…

What food/snack have you been obsessed with during a certain period of your life? I was also obsesses with peanut butter mnm’s in college and ate them all the time! Heck, I’m still obsessed with them – I just don’t buy them anymore for the sake of fitting in my jeans 😉 But Cinnamon Wheat Thins take the cake. I went into shock when they stopped selling them. It’s probably a good thing, though, because after the fact, I learned they were loaded with HFCS. Bad news.

I was seriously addicted.



OK, back to work I go! A little to finish up at the BIC>training a couple clients. Weeee :)

Mexican food and a margarita tonight!! Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy Shane’s done with classes for the semester 😀

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  1. I so never heard of these! I love anything cinnamon though, so I’m sure I would have been obsessed too. I had a major thing for rice cakes for a while- first cheddar, then the plain. I also get obsessed with different fruits throughout the year. Freshman year of college I also went through a major bagel phase

  2. I do NOT remember cinnamon wheat thins- but wish I did! Oh my… However, I did go through a phase with cinnamon graham crackers for a while… and then regular graham crackers… animal crackers… chocolate animal crackers… lays with french onion dip… doritos…

    I went through phases with carbs. Obviously. But my favorite was when my ex and I could polish off a can of BBQ pringles in 2 days flat. Sooooo goooooood.

  3. I was also bummed to find that Wheat Thins had HFCS. Ugh.

    I had a thing with cereal when I was in college… and my second year of grad school, it was Cheez-Itz because my dad kept buying them. I’m a lot better off nowadays.

    • Oh, and by the way, Spencer, the Year to date savings do not uptade in real time. They are about a week behind–the date of the actual savings should be on your receipt: YTD savings as of _______. So you have actually saved a little more than that :-).

  4. I got to say pretty much anything with peanut butter, I mean how can you go wrong with peanut butter…

  5. Cinnamon wheat things!?!? I never knew such a thing existed!! Wonder if it was just in the States?

  6. Pizza rolls and Dr. Pepper were all I ate (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during finals week. It’s amazing I ever survived finals week (much less 8 of them). I’ve never heard of Cinnamon wheat thins. But peanut butter m&ms were amazing. So were Snickers. And Mrs. Fields Cookie Cups.

  7. Lady, I had never, ever heard of that flavor of Wheat Thin before! But I definitely agree that basically everything goes with boxed wine.

    I would have to say that my food obsession in college were those Starbucks mini-can coffee drinks and Fiber One bars…That was my breakfast Every, Single, Day. Like, what?

  8. I have never even heard of Cinnamon Wheat Thins. I would’ve been all over that! Now I feel like I missed out on something great.

    I had lots of snack obsessions in my day. Most of them were terrible for me – Funyuns, Pop Tarts, Klondike bars – eek!

  9. I don’t remember those, but I’m sorry that I’ve never had them. I love anything cinnamon.


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