Making Goal Time

I just had the most delicious smoothie for breakfast!


In it was 1/2 c. milk, spinach, chocolate protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, frozen cherries, and a couple ice cubes. On top is a homemade protein bar, that isn’t quite up to par yet for recipe sharing.

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s race:) And although I was pretty bummed about not making my goal time, running the half felt like a great accomplishment in and of itself indeed!

Yesterday involved mucho relaxation. It kinda went like this: sit>eat>watch Dexter>eat>play Mortal Combat>eat


It was a fabulous day.


Making Goal Time

Since I didn’t quite make my goal time for yesterday’s half marathon, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll do differently for my next one (Rock and Roll Chicago, anyone??)

  • Follow my pre-race drinking ritual. It’s extremely important to be well hydrated for a race, but if you drink too much before a race, it can lead to unnecessary race time potty breaks. What works for me is this: the day before- drink, drink, drink. Drink water and a sports drink all the live long day. The morning of-wake up several hours before the race, and immediately drink water upon waking, but stop 1 hour short of the race time. Take a potty break right before the race. Yeah, I drank pretty much nonstop before the race yesterday…oops!
  • Don’t eat or drink anything new the day of a race. Although I ate my usual pre-race breakfast of toast, pb, and banana, I didn’t follow the norm 10 miles in. As I mentioned yesterday, I had jelly beans around mile 10, and that’s when the tummy troubles began. Who knows if it’s a direct correlation, but I’m not taking those chances again!
  • Don’t do lower body work the week of a race. I didn’t mention this yesterday, but on Tuesday I did a lower body workout that left my buns + legs sore until Friday (the day before the race!) This might have accounted for some of the extra hip pain during the race.

What about you? What are some tips you have for avoiding race day troubles?


Welp, I’ve got people to help get fit and toes to get pampered! Training clients and mani pedi’s will fill this day! Sounds like a fine Sunday to me :)

Any plans for you for this lovely Sunday?

PS – Recipes Tab has been updated!

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  1. RAN Mom says:

    Definitely find a potty right before any race, especially a long race.

    Dad and I are going to Zeke’s ball game at Limestone. I hope this beautiful weather sticks around for the whole game.

  2. Sorry about not making your time – but you’re totally still a rockstar!!
    I have terrible stomach issues when running so I totally feel your pain, it’s awful.

  3. I think you did fabulous at your race (goal time or not!!). Way to rock it :) And I”m glad you got some relaxing in afterwards (always a fantastic reward). I always wonder how I’d do running a full marathon or even a half. I’ve run a half distance, but not in a race. BUT- I can’t each much before I run or I get a major tummy ache. Anyways- enjoy the rest of your Sunday

  4. Lady, I’m so with you on that hydration strategy. Yesterday, I wasn’t particularly thirsty, but I was definitely forcing it down.

    And yes – my other tip. I’m a rather unabashed bathroom-user pre-race. I don’t care if I go 20 times before a race, I just want to be able to run comfortably.

  5. Ooh, Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon? That could be fun. Are you registered?
    I haven’t done a ton of races, so I don’t have much advice, but I think the “Don’t wear anything brand new” rule is an important one. Runners should break in any new shoes / clothing a couple weeks before the race (or farther in advance) to ensure their gear will be comfortable. At the marathon I volunteer for, I always see male runners with bloody shirts from chafing (gross, but true) – you don’t want that!

    • I’m not yet…it’s $110! I need to soon though before it closes.
      Ahhh those poor guys!!!

  6. I usually hydrate like a monster the entire week before the race. The morning of the race I drink a little bit, but not much. I definitely find a bathroom right before the race, sometimes more than once.

    Doing a lower body work out the week of a race just seems like extra torture. I take it especially easy the week before a race. The week before my last half I ran 4 times with out my garmin. Running w/o my garmin allowed me to just run and not focus on my pace. I couldn’t push myself to hard if I didn’t know what my pace was. It allowed me to just relax and get in some miles.

    Pre-race strategy is definitely an art-form. An art-form that I have not yet mastered, but I’m working on it.

  7. Race day is so crazy. What happens out there on the course is always a bit of a surprise. To keep the surprises to a minimum, I always eat the exact same breakfast, drink black coffee, and get to the bathroom before the start. I have also started to carry my own water, so I don’t need to rely on water stops. I also remind myself how far I’ve come in training, regardless of what happens during the race. Your goals will become reality in Chicago. I just know it!

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