Magnificent Taste, Merciless Ads: Magnum Ice Cream

Leftovers for lunch!


Love that Mexican Black Bean salad! Today I served it over a bed of spinach and a wall of chips Winking smile


It was pretty dang magnificent tasting!

I worked at the BIC today after training my morning client, and over lunch, I snuck out to go home and let Niko out. Once back at the office, I ate lunch part 2, which was another half PBJ pancake.

Magnum Review


A few weeks ago, I opted in Foodbuzz’s Tastemakers program to receive a coupon to try Magnum’s ice cream bars.

Magnum is new in the states, but has actually been around since 1989 in Europe. There’s six flavors of the ice cream bars including double caramel, double chocolate, classic, almond, white, and dark.

I tried my hand at a couple: the double chocolate and the dark chocolate.


The double chocolate one is decadent. A little too sweet for my taste, but the ultimate PMS ice cream bar to be quite frank. A milk chocolate coating on the outside (I just wrote oatside – LOL) with a thin chocolate fudge coating underneat, and then under *that* is the chocolate ice cream. It’s the ultimate PMS ice cream bar if we’re being completely honest here.

However, I preferred the dark chocolate bar. It’s just like any other ice cream bar, but the dark chocolate hard coating exceeded any others. Typically the chocolate on an ice cream bar is subpar, but I could tell this was a bit higher quality. It melted in my mouth even while being freezing cold from the ice cream! So good.

Sure, the taste is pretty-freaking-delicious, but there’s another side to this chocolate lovers coin. Before trying the bars, I was reading over at The Great Fitness Experiment, and happened upon her post about not so much the ice cream itself, but the commercials of the ice cream.


the director behind these commercials  is Karl Lagerfield. Lagerfield is a fashion designer for Chanel. He lost 100 pounds in nearly a year with the purpose of fitting into Dior Homme clothes.

He also mocks people who are concerned with the waif thin appearance of some models, calling them “at mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television.” He’s also remarked that rail thin models don’t have an eating disorder, just “hey’ve probably had family problems or suffered from other traumas. I’ve never seen any anorexic models myself, only extremely slim ones.”

So with opinions like that, Lagerfield is now telling us to go on, eat our ice cream, that we deserve it!? hmm…

Yeah, it kind of makes me mad that they taste so darn good :b

Read more on the commercials in TGFE’s post on the hypocritical Lagerfield commercials (it’s a very good read!)

What do you think of Karl Lagerfield’s commercials for the ice cream bars given his reputation?


With that, it’s time to go train a client before coming back to make enchiladas!!Smile

Have a great night, friends!

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  1. I’ll be honest, as a longtime Karl Disciple, the man could get away with murder and I wouldn’t bat a lash. As long as he considers to sport those jackets of his and run an 11/10 ship at Chanel, my planet is on order.

    BUT, that being said, I completely understand your frustration with his message. Because of all of the messages that anyone could put out there, THAT is by far the most confusing thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

  2. That is one crazy message, and I am honestly not sure what to make of it. I’ve been seeing ads for these bars everywhere tho.

    My grocery store had a shopper’s card coupon to get a box of these for free and I got the double chocolate ones. I agree with your description – sweet, but perfect when appropriate.

  3. I wear a Bondi Band that says “Will Run For Ice Cream” and I mean it. My favorite treat! These bars look so good. I’m sold!

  4. I really wish I would have opted in on that ice cream. I thought it was an April Fool’s joke because Foodbuzz sent out the email on April 1st and it was called Magnum. Clearly I have issues.

    • LOL – I wasn’t sure about the name either. Regardless the questionable name, it’s good! And not too expensive either.

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