Kitchen Office

What a relaxing Friday this has turned out to be!

After my second client of the morning, I came home to wait for the garage door man, and as soon as he left, I was out the door for a heart pumping 6 miler. I’m happy to say that not only was the weather prime for running, but my body was, too! It ended up be a very successful and enjoyable 6.5 mile run. My average pace was about 9:20, which is pretty good for me.

Post-run and post shower lunch was quite simple:


Coleslaw from earlier in the week and a quick combo of cottage cheese and pineapple salsa.

However, the fun came a little later in the day when I busted out the food processor Smile


More on that in another postWinking smile But I will say, I have a new recipe and I’m super excited to share it!! But not today.

After cleaning up the kitchen, it was time to clean up the Niko.

Ratty towel?


Nervous Niko?


It’s bath time…

Why do dogs always go bat sh!t crazy after baths?


I’ll never know…


Let’s see, the rest of my day just involved some catch up work – emailing clients, working on the blog, replying to emails, and cleaning – including straightening up the office.

I have what you can call a kitchen office.


Yes, we have an actual office, but I like being where the action is, which is around Niko and Clarabelle. They like me here too Smile However, since I do my work here in the kitchen, my work…stuff is here too. Papers, notepads, lap tops, chords, etc. In the past, it’s usually ended up piled on the table or on the floor, but not any more!


This large wicker magazine basket from Meijer just might be the best $15 I’ve spent this month! (And I’ve spent a lot this month Smile with tongue out) It fits all of my work stuff, and looks a lot better than having it strewn across the table. Just something to consider if you’re a kitchen worker, too Smile

Where do you do your “office work?” Do you have an office? I also use the couch from time to time Winking smile

Well, Shane just got home, I’m going to sign off for the day and enjoy our Friday! Hope you’ve all had a great day so far! Doing anything for the holiday weekend? No concrete plans here which is….glorious.

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  1. Better AFTER than DURING. My 7-mo puppy at least doesn’t try to leap from the tub anymore….

  2. Awesome run! Your fur ball is toooo cute for words :)

  3. I love the idea of putting your laptop in a magazine rack! I might just have to steal that technique…there’s noting that drives me more crazy than laptops just out all the time. Dogs crack me up :)

  4. Love your kitchen table! So modern & trendy. I don’t really have any plans this weekend either which is nice. Enjoy doing.. whatever your heart desires! :)

  5. I used to have a desk, but I never did my “office stuff” there. But then I loved and now the desk is gone so it’s time for a new one!

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