The Cat Strikes Back

Hello! First off, thanks for all the compliments on my yoga mat! I actually got it about 5 or 6 years ago when I first started doing yoga from Target, haha.


It’s getting pretty old (read, Clarabelle has used it as her scratching post in the recent past) and I need a new one!

Any yoga mat recs??

Speaking of Clarabelle, spin class didn’t happen  this morning because of her.


Oh yes, you look so innocent, but you’re an evil, evil cat!!! See, Clarabelle gets a little angry when Shane or I go away for more than a couple days. Since Shane was in Orlando all last week for business, she showed him how she felt about that by using the box that I keep my spin shoes in as her litter box Sad smile

So instead of spin, I scrubbed down my shoes, sprayed them with the hose, and laid them out to dry.



Don’t worry, I had Niko tell her off for me Smile with tongue out


Normally, when one of us leaves, we will give her a small dose of her kitty prozac for that week. This time I forgot. I shall never forget again!!

After clean up of the year, I did a quickie strength training/interval workout and had the breakfast I had made to eat in between spin and my next client.


Oats in a jar! I’m not a huge fan, but it’s such a good portable breakfast, right? Smile

Then I was off to train a client and run some errands. A few “fun” things just so happened to hop in my cart and land on the conveyor belt:


jump rope! I’ve been using the ones at our gym with my clients, and needed a new one to have with me here at home and when I travel. Jump ropes are SO effective at raising the heart rate very quickly.


And pull up bar kit. Shane and his lifting buddy have been commenting on how they’d like one in our home gym – and I wouldn’t mind working on my pull up either – so I picked this guy up as an impulse purchase. Why not? Smile with tongue out


I’ve got a busy night ahead of me training, so I better cross off the rest of my to-do’s beforehand. Hope you all are having a fab Monday so far!! Open-mouthed smile

Tomorrow morning: test your knowledge on the current CPR procedures!

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  1. That little pill!

  2. Oh my gosh that is terrible! So sorry!
    My SIL ordered me a really nice yoga mat from Amazon but now I can’t remember the brand. I’ll look later and let you know!

  3. Naughty cat!
    Our cat, Rufus, also tends to do things like that when he gets stressed out. What is the brand of the “Prozac” you give to her? I’ve used Rescue Remedy homeopathic drops in the past for him, but they just make him sleepy (not necessarily more calm).

  4. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that adorable cat did such a thing! She certainly does look innocent and cute haha
    Okay so this is pretty embarrassing, but I really cannot jump rope! I don’t get tired, but I trip on the darn thing after about 10 seconds! Any suggestions? I must have missed out on the jump rope lesson while growing up :)

    • ah, yeah jump rope can be tricky! Keep on trying it, but in the mean time, can you do high knees? When I don’t have a jump rope handy, I’ll make the jump rope motion with my arms and just do quick high knees – works just as well!

  5. Aw, poor Clarabelle! Cats always let you know when they’re disappointed in you, huh?

    Manduka ProLite mats are my favorite. Highly recommend!

  6. ooh that kitty cat!! He is awful pretty though :)

  7. I got my yoga mat at TJ Maxx like 3 years ago and I absolutely love it! I think the brand is “Definity” but it was under $10 and (I think) well-worth it. Just another reason I heart TJ Maxx :)

  8. I don’t really like oats in a jar either! I agree about the portability aspect, though.

    I teach a class that incorporates jumping rope and always give people the option of using or not using a jump rope because it’s just as effective when you pretending to turn the rope…and the rope doesn’t get stuck on your ponytail :)

  9. Uh oh. Naughty cat. My dog has a tendency to eat things as a way of revenge. I love her anyway though. At least you were able to save the shoes.


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