Thinking Ahead

For me, Monday afternoons are for gathering my life together for the work days ahead of me. This means getting blog work ready so it makes it easier to post during the week and getting meals and snacks together, mainly breakfast and lunch.

So when 2:00 pm hit yesterday, I had the Vitamix out and ready to make up a batch of cottage cheese protein pancakes!


I’ve been obsessed with these pancakes lately and have been making enough for three breakfasts at the beginning of the week. I use Janetha’s recipe except I triple the ingredients and use 2 eggs and 2 egg whites (in total) instead of the all egg whites.


Put in a ziploc and they’re now a grab and go food Smile

Next, I made up a couple lunches for the week. First up, coleslaw! But not just any coleslaw. I used these three components:


broccoli slaw, mama pea’s coleslaw dressing, and garbanzos…to create this!


So good! So filling, too Open-mouthed smile Perfect for a lunch over the work day.

And finally, I made the Mexican version of my kidney bean salad, Mexican Black Bean Salad!


Always a winner in my book. It can be eaten alone, over salad, or over tortilla chips (my faveWinking smile)

While I made up everything, I snacked a little myself, so as not to eat and defeat my preparing ahead efforts!


Hummus and dippers. I could eat this all day long.

Do you make any food on your weekend for your busy work week? If not, try it – it helps if you find yourself scrambling through the fridge last minute like me Nyah-Nyah

Time to go! My early morning clients called off this morning, so I’ve already gotten in a glorious 4.5 sunrise run! It’s been for-ev-errr since I’ve done a sunrise run, and I forgot how good it feels to run when the world is just waking upSmile And good news – my endurance got a workout before my hip did! No hip pain today either Open-mouthed smile

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!

Ahead: Test your CPR know-how!

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  1. I love making extra servings to have for later in the week, but when my fiance’ joins me, I end up with a lot less left over!

  2. I always prep food for the week on Sunday – anything from baking muffins, large grain salads for lunches or choppihng veggies for supper recipes. Makes the week so much easier!

  3. I love getting in early morning runs too. The feeling after you finish while the world is just waking up is simply amazing :)

  4. I think I might start making ahead more when I get my dishes and stuff back. I didn’t ever really do it in Oklahoma, but I feel like there’s so much more I want to do here that I’d rather not spend every night in the kitchen.

  5. Glad your hip isn’t hurting when running! I love to run early in the morning, but rarely seem to do it anymore. :(

    All of that food looks yummy! I try to prep meals for the work week on the weekend too. Did that with the grilled tofu and it works out perfectly to add it to salads and pair it with veggies for lunches or dinners.

  6. I always make ahead my lunches for the week. It’s so much easier than making it the night before, or in the morning. I love doing things that make my life easier.

  7. There is nothing better than a sunrise run! I always feel like I’ve already accomplished something great with my day when I start it with a run.

    I wash and chop/spiralize veggies for fast salad assembly, make up some “husband food”, usually bake something, which goes in the freezer for easy grabbing and defrosting throughout the week. Growing up, Sunday was always the day my dad did a lot of cooking for the week, and I always think of him and really enjoy my weekly meal prep time!

  8. I love meals that are prepped ahead! I do this as much as I can- just makes life so much easier. I need to try that slaw- yummmmmm! Working out first thing in the morning is the best. Glad you had a nice run :)

  9. Oh my gosh, that garbanzo coleslaw looks HEAVENLY! I forgot how great those pancakes store. I need to make them in bulk again soon.

  10. Yes! Definitely! On weekends I like to make things I can eat as snacks at work – usually muffins, protein bars, treats or trail mix. That way I’m not eating a whack of fruit or store bought granola bars, which is what I otherwise gravitate towards. I also make pancakes, waffles, oat cakes, etc for quick breakfasts. I refuse to wake up before 7am, which only gives me 15-20min to make and eat breakfast.

    I’m not into pre-preparing lunches though. Mostly because I’m a sandwich or salad girl. Usually I assemble them using dinner leftovers right when I’m done eating dinner. Only takes 5-10 minutes.

    Oh yes, and the iced coffee MUST be made! Most important part!


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