Dining Out on Memorial Day Weekend

Hellooooo down there!!!


Coming atcha this morning while drinking out of my HUGE new coffee mug Shane brought me back from Orlando while on a business trip.


And he says he doesn’t support my mug collecting habit Winking smile

Morning, friends! Happy Sunday Smile Are you a little happier because you know tomorrow’s a holiday?? It’s actually not a day off for me because none of my clients are cancelling, but I am getting them all trained in the morning tomorrow so I can enjoy a whole day of bbq-ing and movie-going! Open-mouthed smile Hopefully tomorrow is nice like they’re predicting, because the rest of this weekend has been such a rainy one for a holiday weekend!

After training a couple clients yesterday morning, I grabbed a Gloria Jeans iced coffee and met my friend Heidi at our favorite nail place to talk nonstop for an hour while getting pedicures. It was perfect and now all is right in the world again Smile However, all that pampering really worked up an appetite!


I have been having this lunch ALL the time lately. I don’t think I’ve shared it with you yet! I just microwave a lightly beaten egg + 1 egg white, place it in a warmed La Tortilla Factory tortilla and douse it with nutritional yeast and hot sauce. And a green smoothie on the side is the best way to wash it down Smile

I still felt hungry after this meal, though, and reached into the freezer for one of these bad boys:


A Girls Scout PB sandwich cookie. x’s 2. But after I still felt snacky! So I resolved I was just dehydrated and chugged a bunch of water.


I was right!

The rest of the afternoon involved cleaning and mattress shopping (we need a new one and one for our guest bedroom.) Oh, and this:


On Saturdays, a local liquor store (ok more like warehouse) has a wine tasting in the afternoons. We try to take advantage as much as we can Winking smile We left with a couple good bottles as well as my current favorite beer, but that’s another post for another time Winking smile

A little while later, we were in the mood to go out. So we changed and headed out to one of Normal’s most popular dining spots, Distihl.


It’s a microbrewery with fabulous beers and even more fabulous food! Despite the fact that we were at a microbrewery, one drink called to me: the pomegranate ginlet:


With PAMA liquor, Rangpur gin, and lime, it boasted all of my favorite flavors in a drink! It was delicious, not too sweet at all, but one was enough! I stuck to water the rest of the night Smile with tongue out

For an appetizer, we ordered the beer battered asparagus:


Judging by how quickly the plate went from full to empty, I’d say we thoroughly enjoyed this app Winking smile

And for the main entrée I ordered the warm salmon and potato salad.


This is a salad?! That’s what I thought too. A delicious buttery salmon filet on top of zucchini, red pepper, onion, and fingerling potatoes, all dressed with a sweet and spicy honey mustard. I must have it again.

After having a drink (water for me) at the bar with a friend, we made a stop by coldstone for dessert and then called it a night – a very fun night!


Well I’m headed out for a run before the wind picks up and the rain heads in! It’s the epitome of grilling out this weekend, but all it’s been doing is raining! Poor people and their plans Sad smile

Are you doing any grilling out this weekend?

Do you have any mattress recommendations? We aren’t sure if we want to keep our own and buy a new one for the guest BR or move ours to the guest and get a new one for us Smile

Have a good Sunday!!Smile

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  1. That “salad” looks delish! I say move yours to the guest bedroom and get a new one for you! You will use it soo much more than a guest will.

  2. Oh my gosh, that asparagus looks fabulous! I need a new mattress too. Let me know if you find a good mattress, I’m in the market also!

  3. Is the tasting at Friar Tuck? Rob and I need to check this out!

  4. We always get Simmons Beautyrest mattresses. They are the best! Mattresses are pretty hefty investments – if your master bedroom mattress is still in pretty good condition, I would recommend just moving it to the guest room and getting a new one for your room. Good luck!

  5. I am a mug HOARD! I have soo many coffee mugs, which works well with my coffee addiction. That asparagus looks to die for. Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend :)

  6. Yea, doesn’t really look like a salad. Although you mentioning coldstone right after totally distracted me. LOL

    Hope you have a great day! And that’s a good thing your clients didn’t cancel. Shows they must love you and that you must motivate them well!

  7. The party I went to on Saturday was supposed to be a BBQ, but due to the weather, they just served alcohol. Sad and awesome all at the same time.

  8. Ooh, beer-battered asparagus? Yum!
    We are also (kinda) in the market for a new mattress / master bedroom set. I think we have a Sealy PosturePedic now, and it’s lasted me just over 10 years with no complaints! If only the mattress could do something about Zak’s snoring, though…

  9. We went to two bbq’s this weekend! I guess it’s officially summer now :)

  10. Glad you were able to discern thirst for hunger. I gotta start doing that, too!

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