Bad Influences

For the last five nights, I’ve eaten dinners that have been healthy, veggie-filled, quick, and cheap.

Last night I had Monicals:


The past five nights I’ve been going it solo while Shane’s been away at a business conference. The first night he’s back and we’re going at cheesy, delicious pizza!


I’d probably be 10 pounds lighter if I weren’t married to Shane. Lucky for me, he’s worth it Winking smile


I’m off to a spin class (yay!!) then spending the morning and afternoon training clients! Smile Have a lovely Saturday!!

Weekend wisdom!

This tip is in honor of my girls and the bachelorette party for Kim this weekend as well as anyone else who may have a bit too much fun this weekend: Did you know asparagus can cut hangover effects?


That’s right! A study in a South Korean lab concluded that the asparagus extract is able to help the liver suppress free radicals and metabolize alcohol twice as fast. Next time your one glass of wine turns into two, some asparagus, a big glass of water, and some light exercise should make you feel better in no time Winking smile

What hangover cures have you tried in your life? Any you swear by?

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  1. Laura @ Backstage Pass says:

    I recently found out about the asparagus study and think that’s so neat!
    And regarding the pizza… I eat healthy 80% of the time so the 20% I indulge is extra delicious 😉 don’t sweat it!

  2. Did you know asparagus can cut hangover effects? = no but i wish i knew that about 5-10 yrs ago :)

  3. Asparagus eh? Thanks for the tip!

  4. That’s a great tip! I hadn’t heard it before. Last weekend, I felt a big hungover and could have used some asparagus.

    Hope you had a good Saturday!

  5. RAN Mom says:

    I love asparagus…good to know!

  6. That pizza looks amazing!

    I always feel so much healthier eating asparagus, but I’ve never heard that it can help with hangovers. I’ll have to remember that next time I’ve had one too many drinks 😉

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