Water Weight

We’ve got a situation on our hands… Our water heater broke last night! We woke up to a big mess…and a lot of water weight in the carpet of my closet that Shane built for me Today’s been a bit of a disaster. We’ve been toweling, draining, unhooking, and installing all day long. I think […]

Uneventful Memorial

Catching up after the long weekend? Got my Thai fix and talked about workout splits Went out to eat a lot on Memorial Day weekend I got my Real World om on — At 5:00 pm yesterday, I’d yet to venture outside with the exception of training a couple clients in the morning. I even […]

Real World Om: MTV Yoga

I wake up today and it’s already mid 70’s and sunny and bright? Yesterday it was torrential downpours! What is it with Mother N? What is she trying to tell us?! WHAT? Just a little drama to start your Memorial Day Monday Yesterday morning after my 4.5 mile run, I had the sudden urge to […]

Dining Out on Memorial Day Weekend

Hellooooo down there!!! Coming atcha this morning while drinking out of my HUGE new coffee mug Shane brought me back from Orlando while on a business trip. And he says he doesn’t support my mug collecting habit Morning, friends! Happy Sunday  Are you a little happier because you know tomorrow’s a holiday?? It’s actually not […]

Try the Splits

The relaxation from Friday morning and afternoon carried all throughout the evening! When Shane got home, he had a little web design work to do (he designs websites on the side and just designed this one!) so I dove head first into my book. Yes, another real live book!! This one is actually from a […]

Kitchen Office

What a relaxing Friday this has turned out to be! After my second client of the morning, I came home to wait for the garage door man, and as soon as he left, I was out the door for a heart pumping 6 miler. I’m happy to say that not only was the weather prime […]

When It’s Not Working, Get a New Strategy

Morning! Breakfast du joir: I just finished training a couple clients, and I’m taking a quick breakfast ‘n blog break before the next one! Great Harvest Bread’s Cran Apple Nine Grain (new favorite alert!!) w/ a little sun butter and a side of green smoothie. Yum! – Have I told you guys I’ve become a […]

Tornadic Enchiladas

Morning:) I just finished training an early a.m. session and now I’m enjoying a delicious breakfast throw back! It has been for-ev-er since I’ve had oatmeal, let alone berries and cream oatmeal! It’s been a little warm here, but today there was a chill after the storm last night (more on that in a sec…) […]

Magnificent Taste, Merciless Ads: Magnum Ice Cream

Leftovers for lunch! Love that Mexican Black Bean salad! Today I served it over a bed of spinach and a wall of chips   It was pretty dang magnificent tasting! I worked at the BIC today after training my morning client, and over lunch, I snuck out to go home and let Niko out. Once […]

The Supplements I Take and Why

Since I had time to exercise in the a.m. yesterday, I was able to come straight home after my last client of the afternoon. And I liked what I came home to;) Grillin’ time! AKA – husband does the cooking time :b On the grill this time was asparagus, potatoes, burgers for him, and grouper […]

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