My New Favorite Snack


The other day I was putting together a typical breakfast, a banana, almond butter, and half a banana, sliced. Since I rarely make my grocery budget anyway, I hate wasting food. And I had half a banana left!

Hmmm, what can I do with the other half of this banana? I thought. It wasn’t ripe enough to freeze for a smoothie (I like my smoothie bananas basically brown!)

I know bananas taste good with nut butter (obviously,) so I sliced it in half length-wise and slathered on some homemade walnut butter (that I made in a food processor with walnuts, almonds, sea salt, and vanilla extract.) Then right before I was about to put it in the freezer for later, I decided to sprinkle on some nuts I had on hand – almonds and cashews. And then I stuck it in the freezer.


Four hours later I could not believe my taste buds. Holy delicious snack. We’ve all had bananas and nut butter, you NEED to add some extra nuts and give it the big freeze.

I don’t know how the frozen texture and added nuts make it that much better. But it does.



To make: just slice a banana in half length-wise, spread some nut butter in between, and stick a variety of nuts in the nut butter! Freeze and chow down!


Well I’ve just gotten back from training clients – now I’m off to go do some planning for an insurance company 😉

Hope everyone has a good day!


PS – thank you for the kind comments on last night’s post :) Made my night!

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  1. Whenever I see frozen bananas it makes me think of the chocolate covered ones Godiva sells during the summer. I would probably try this slightly frozen rather than fully frozen though, I have wicked sensitive teeth.

  2. You’re a genius & that looks delicious!

  3. holy deliciousness! I need to try this. Looks so good- artsy almost! Have a nice Thursday :)

  4. Oh my. That looks like a perfect snack, especially for summer. What a great idea!

  5. Hello!

    I am new to your blog! I found your blog through Janetha at meals and moves and wanted to say hello!

    This snack looks amazing!! Loving it!!!

    Have a great day! xo

  6. wow, that’s genius! :) i’ve had a banana sliced in half with nut butter, but never with added nuts or frozen! nice..

  7. i love bananas and nut butter but haven’t tried freezing them yet. i just made some dark chocolate peanut butter yesterday that is begging to be frozen to a nanner. thanks for the idea!


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