Metabolic Training: Boost It Up!

Today has most certainly been a better day than yesterday. It’s always hard to dive back into the routine after suffering a loss, and yesterday was no different. It just seemed rushed, emotional, and Murphy’s Law-ish.

Today, however, has been much brighter! Even the weather thought so, as the sun popped out to say hello.

I started out by training a client in the wee hours of the morning, and then came home and made one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while:


1 egg + 2 egg whites scramble on one side, and a banana + walnut butter + honey in the best roti I’ve ever laid my eyes on.



Wednesday night I trained an Indian couple, and they sent me home with some homemade veggie curry, and some roti.


Between Shane and I, we managed to at least take care of 5-6 pieces with our dinner the other night. Oh yes, yes we did.


Boost it up! During your next strength training workout, make your metabolism soar with these metabolic exercises:

*But first remember to discuss with your doctor before trying any new exercises or workout programs!

Try it this way: every 5 or 10 minutes, stop after your next exercise and complete 45 seconds of one of the exercises above. Another way is adding a metabolic cardio exercise after every 2 or 3 sets of strength training exercises.

Do you include metabolic cardio circuits in your workouts? Which ones are you favorites?


Well I am off to bake up some goodies for my lovely mother, and then cook up some dinner for Shane and me. Have a great night, friends! :)

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  1. YAY Sunshine! That means we should see it shortly! (Michigan here). I want to run outside in the sun not the rain! Sorry to hear about your cousin.

  2. I’m glad today was a better today. I’m sure each days has highs and lows, but it sounds like Beth is shining down on you.

  3. I like that we make our scrambled eggs similar- at least one yolk involved… that’s the most nutrient part!

  4. I love mountain climbers, but I don’t think my clients like me very much after :)

  5. Lady, I’m glad to hear that today was better than yesterday. Sometimes it takes a day that sets the scene for itself (sun, etc.) to get the ball rolling. Just remember, you don’t need to rush back into life just yet. It’s okay to take on the world slowly right now.

    Keep your head up!

  6. Katherine: Unemployed says:

    those cardio snipits are intense. I have a hard time making myself do them/timing myself (so I count and then decide that 20 jumping jacks is adequate. it’s not.) but when I do exercise DVDs and they are incorporated, they’re great! I have a hard time with plyo moves being hard on my joints at times

  7. a banana + walnut butter + honey in the best roti = YUMMMY!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the links to these different exercises! I am always looking for new workout moves to add to my training “routine”. Burpees, however, give me a major headache!

    I love your roti creation. Sounds wonderful. I didn’t even know they sold rotis like that…

  9. I love jumping lunges and burpees. I especially like burpees with a BOSU or burpees to a pullup!! Awesome :)

  10. I love doing little bursts of intensity like that in my weights routines. Today I did high knees and jump lunges. :)

    Sumo burpees? Eep! That sounds tough!

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