Illinois Marathon: Goal Time Went Down the Pot

OK, So the wind wasn’t the only glitch for this morning’s half marathon. It wasn’t anything huge – I mean Shane got us to the race on time with Garmin and iPod fully charged.


But a couple things did go wrong.

As we got in the (HUGE) line for start and I began flashing my hopeful sub 2:10 finishing time smile, Shane mouthed to me two words that made my heart sink.


No battery.

Shit. My bad. Although I remembered to charge the battery, I did not remember to take the battery out of the charger and back into the camera. IMG_2339

This is a depressing fact, because it was our first time using my new camera for a big race!

Thus, all of the pictures from this race are courtesy of Shane’s iPhone 😛



Amber and I lined up in the 2:10 finishing time pace group, but quickly fell behind to the 2:15. No big deal, I’d catch up later. At mile 4, Amber stopped for a potty break and told me to go ahead. So I did.

I caught up with the 2:10 pace group, and then even to the 2:05 pace group. I was holding strong, even though the winds were blowing at 25 mph. No prime conditions, but at least it was sunny and fairly warm at this point. Miles 5-9 passed by with ease, and then it happened. I ate the jelly beans.

A cute, little kid was holding out cups while hollering “JELLLYYYYYY BEEEAAANNNSSS” somewhere between miles 9 and 10. Although I packed my Camelbak full with a bottle of Gatorade + water, nothing sounded better than a cup of jelly beans at that moment. And they were certainly good….going down. Then they hit my stomach. That’s when it went downhill.

I had to find the nearest porta potty stat. And in between waves of “omgIhavetofindabathroom,” my hip was screaming at me to stop running. And I probably looked as cute as I sound right now 😛


(Shane caught me at the end of mile 10, and I may be smiling here, but moments before I saw him, I had my I’m-gonna-keel-over face on!)

I found the potty around mile 10, and after waiting in a line for about 2 minutes, did my thang, and came back out. It probably added about 3-4 minutes total on my time. Before today I’d never stopped to use the bathroom during a race, so I guess I didn’t realize how far behind it’d put me. When I joined the running crowd, I found myself back in with the 2:15-ers. And that’s where I stayed until the end.

Official finishing time: 2:14:19

Last year’s official finishing time: 2:12:54


Oh well. Anyway, the next glitch occurred when I realized Amber and I never set a place to meet up afterword. In a group of 21,000 people, it’s a little difficult to find one person. And we were her ride back to Normal, so we couldn’t just leave!


After 2.5 hours of freaking out, Shane and I finally went back to the truck to wait. Luckily, she thought of doing the same thing about 15 minutes later. By this time, I was about to not only eat both my arms off, but my fellow car passenger’s as well. Luckily, Bob Evan’s saved them:


Multigrain pancakes + some scrambled eggs for some protein.


Hit the spot :)

All in all, I’m kind of disappointed in my time. I know I shouldn’t be, but I really thought I could beat last year’s time. Ah well. It was a good run!


Well the rest of the day will involve fairly little movement. In fact, every time I get up from sitting down, I’m instantly reminded that I ran a half marathon earlier and I wince in pain. I feel like a little old lady with a bum hip! 😛

Also – THANK YOU for the good luck wishes this morning – they made me smile :)

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear the jelly beans did you in! It’s so funny how the body works….

    At least you know it was the bathroom break that prevented your PR, not bad weather, improper training, or unrealistic expectations. Way to go with your pace!!

    In fact, I missed the first Gu station (which I had been counting on!) and those three jelly beans at least convinced my mind that I was ok without it!

  2. Well, even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted, you did great! Running a half is such a huge accomplishment, no matter what your time is.

    Great job!!

  3. The fact that you could even finish the half marathon is impressions :) be proud of what you did and keep working toward that goal!

  4. Congratulations, Paige! I know how tough it is when a doesn’t go as planned. I spent more time than usual in the porta-potty during my last race and it wasn’t any fun. Just remember that running a half marathon is always an amazing accomplishment! You did it!

  5. Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t make your time :( But it seems like you ran a great race! That is still a great finishing time! Those lines for the bathrooms are SO LONG…
    Take it easy on that hip (why do I feel old saying that? haha)! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day 😉 Maybe a beer is in order for celebration?? :)

  6. Awww…that sucks that you didn’t make your goal time and had some tummy troubles. I’ve definitely had that happen and it is very disappointing to have that happen.
    But good news- that bathroom break (although crappy…hehe, sorry, had to say it) means that you’re definitely able to get a sub 2:10! It is definitely yours next time!

  7. You still rocked it Paige, no matter what! I hope mostly that your hip pain is just for today and you are back on track in no time. See you on the trail in no time. :)

  8. Congrats on finishing! My brother ate some of those jelly beans today, but thankfully didn’t have any problems. I didn’t have the best race either – a long line at the port-a-potty right before mile 6 did us in time-wise. All that wind didn’t help either. Oh well, there’s always next year!

  9. I’m sorry you didn’t beat your time from last year!! at least you had fun :)

  10. Lady, I die for you! Fueling during races is the challenge of the century for me so I can only imagine how you were feeling after eating that handful of jellybeans!

    Uno: I’m glad you did finish (Let’s be serious…GI issues have taken more than one runner out of the game).

    Dos: Given that it might snow here tomorrow, I might be doing a treadmill half instead of one outside. Solidarity in kicking off what could be an extremely mediocre race season :)

  11. Bummer that you didn’t hit your goal time, but you’re still amazing! You still got a great time and came back smartly from your hip injury, which is admirable. Plus, at least you can pinpoint what went wrong (dang those jelly beans!) so you know what to avoid next time.

    You’re awesome. Sub 2:10 next time for sure!

  12. well at least you looked awesome!! Love the headbands, next year its 2:10!!!

  13. congrats on your race and honestly i have had some doosie moments with runs/foods and needing to find a bathroom asap. Like, the bushes or else :) Girl, I hear you. You pulled out an amazing time and now go relax :)

  14. I’m sorry about your time. I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t meet your goal. There’s always next year. Or another half marathon you sign up for on a whim. :-)

  15. Hey lady…you still ran 13.1!! I know it’s not as fast as you wanted, but it’s still pretty darn great 😀 Darn those jelly beans, that’s the WORST!

  16. Don’t get down on yourself about it…It happens! In my first marathon I had to wait freakin 30 minutes to use the porta potty. ALL the lines were long. And I had to use the restroom twice during the marathon.

    You did GREAT though :) Gotta love jelly beans.

  17. In my first half, I had one of those “omg, where’s a bathroom? Or can I hold it?” debate in my head. I skipped it and waited until the end (how that worked out well for me, I do not know) because yeah- the lines for those porta potties are KILLER.

    Great time, Paige! Sorry there were the little issues (boooo on the camera battery thing- totally just did that!), but it was still a great race. And the temps were fab!

  18. I know how disappointing not making your goal can be. But at least it was because you had to stop and use the bathroom, not because you ran slower. Just think of it that way!

  19. RAN Mom says:

    Sorry about the camera and the potty stop. I’ve run quite a few races back-in-the-day, but I’ve never seen anyone passing out jelly beans! Lesson learned tho,’ only water from regular stops. Finishing a half deserves congrats even if you did not make your goal…GOOD JOB.

  20. Ahhh I hate stomach troubles during races! Sorry you didn’t hit your PR, but on the bright side, you hip held out for you to finish :) Great job PR or not!!! I missed a goal time yesterday, too!

  21. So sorry to hear about your tummy, and those pesky jelly beans! I had a similar incident during the Marine Corps Marathon when an Oreo sounded divine at mile 18. I wanted to lay down and curl into a ball after I ate it. That day I learned no more real food during races.


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