Five Friday Fascinations

Because my calendar tells me that’s what day it is…I’m still not so sure 😉

1. Knee socks


Meet my latest obsession. The other day while perusing around Target, these socks caught my eye. I took them home, wore them, and then went back for three more pair in different colors and patterns. Perfect spring time house socks! Cute and functional! Though I do feel a bit like Holly…


2. My new camera bag


Remember when I bought this? It finally came! I love, love, love it, but still think it resembles a backpack. Should I have gotten the other one?


3. GHD


When Shane I mean the Easter Bunny gave me the chance to order this flat iron I’ve been lemming, I jumped (hopped?) at the chance. It got here on Wednesday, and I never new my hair could be so shiny and straight!


I actually have been in the market for a new flat iron for a while, and at first I automatically assumed I needed a CHI because of the hype over them. However, after some research, I decided GHD was worth the higher price tag and the one to get. It gets my hair smooth and straight without singeing it!

4. Tripod


About a year ago, my dad offered me his tripod, and over the weekend I finally took him up on the offer. After we dusted it off, we tried it out (and took our easter pictures with it!) and I’ve been using it for food pictures ever since. I was worried it’d be a pain to use, but it’s really not bad at all :)



I cannot get enough smoothies right now. In fact, I want one right now. And if I make them my meal, my latest obsession about smoothies is adding uncooked rolled oats. Call it an obsession within an obsession :)

What are you fascinated with at the moment??


Have a great Friday, friends! I’m about to head to Champagne with my friend Amber to go register and pick up our bibs for tomorrow’s Illinois (Half) Marathon!!! 😀 Then we’re carbo-loading by going out for some pasta :) It’ll be an early night tonight. I’ve already got my gear charging up!

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  1. Hi, can we trade legs? Thanks.

  2. Lady, your hair with that flat iron looks 11/10.

    Good luck at your race tomorrow – you’re going to do great!

  3. I’m obsessed with knee socks. My preferred style is argyle, but I have them in every other pattern/color!

  4. ditto janetha :)

    aren’t oats in smoothies awesome? I love the sweet, nutty flavor it gives them – and it makes them so filling!

    good luck tomorrow!

  5. LOVE those socks!! :)

    I had a Chi…it’s was nice, but it didn’t last that long!! I have a generic Chi now and it’s fine, too. I think a good flat iron is worth the money.

    I’m diggin’ iced coffee lately :)

  6. Love the knee socks :) I wish it didn’t take me FORever to straighten my hair!! I love it when it’s straight, but my arms start to hurt by the time I’m finished (3 hours later!). Smoothies are da bomb yo. Especially with this warm weather we’ve been having!

    And as always- iced coffee is my love. My life.

  7. hello, sexy legs!

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