Beginner’s Guide to Running

Another exciting guest post coming at ya this afternoon! Please let me introduce BeckOnTheRun! I met Becky at the Healthy Living Summit, and have been reading her blog every since. She’s a distance runner with a passion and I never leave her blog less inspired :)


Hello RAN readers!  I am super excited to hang out here today.  I met Paige at the Healthy Living Summit last summer and have enjoyed her blog since.  When she gave me the opportunity to share a few thoughts about running, I jumped at the chance!

I’m BeckOnTheRun. It’s safe to say that I am passionate about running.  I love to run, talk about running, write about running, and dream grand running dreams.


But I wasn’t always so thrilled with the sport.  In fact, I was quite the opposite.  I got serious about fitness in January 2009 when I joined a gym.  I embraced every form of exercise I tried – spinning, yoga, Pilates, strength training – everything, except running.  I watched runners and thought, “That’s not for me.  It’s too hard. I’m too slow.”  I feared the sport…until my aunt and uncle convinced me to race with them.


From that first race, I was hooked.  Since October 2009, I’ve run a smattering of 5Ks, some fun local races, two half-marathons, and two full marathons.  Lots o’ running!  And I’m here to tell you that if you want to run, you can too!  Here’s a few things to help you achieve your goals:

1. Start slow.


Many people complain that running is too hard, hurts too much, and causes injury.  All of this is true…if you go too fast or too far too soon.  When you are just beginning, your body will need time to adjust to the new form of exercise.  Enjoy runs around your neighborhood.  Run short distances, don’t worry about your pace, and give your body time to recover after each workout.

2. Set goals.


Goals are motivational.  They help keep us on track and focused on the end result.  A goal can also be helpful in developing a simple training plan to build your running base.  Sign up for a local 5K or a make a plan to run with friends when you feel ready.

3. There is more to being a runner than running.


Running is a great way to maintain fitness, torch calories, and build muscles…but you can’t just run.  Some of the best runners I know are also the best stretchers and cross-trainers.  It is important to maintain a well-rounded routine of stretching and strengthening your muscles, while building your running base. 

4. Believe in the power of rest.


One of the most important days of your week is your rest day.  No matter how gorgeous the weather is or how anxious you feel, running extra mileage will not make you a stronger runner.  It will probably do just the opposite, leaving you tired, sore, and injury prone.

5.  Celebrate your accomplishments.


Races are really just one big running party!  You’ve worked hard to get to the starting line, you’re surrounding by other runners, and it’s your time to shine!  Take in the energy of the crowd, listen to the cheers of the supporters, and believe in your ability.  You are a star!


Thanks, Becky! I can always count on you and your blog to get my rear in gear on those days where I’m really not feeling my long run :)

And thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me! I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow afternoon, but for now am still with family. I’m writing this in the morning today, but when you’re reading this, I’ll most likely be surrounded by family, talking about all of our great memories of Beth.

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  1. Thanks again for helping me out, girl! :) Your passion for the sport is obvious and shines!!

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