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I got my hurr did on yesterday afternoon, and when it came time for my stylist to style, I asked her to do something different. I have naturally wavy hair, but whenever I try to style is wavy, it turns into one big frizz fest. Since the weather was right for curls (read: pouring rain) I asked Heather to style it wavy! Turned out like this:


I think I like!

Can you style your hair different ways? I get so jealous of people with slick straight + shiny hair, but I DO love being able to change up my style with a switch of the product :)

And I also came home with a few new products…shh don’t tell Shane 😉




Kath’s Dough Boy Smoothie. It was…weird to say the least. I wasn’t into it – it was too odd for me. While drinking (?) it, all I could think was two things: a) I’m eating pancake batter and b) this is how they serve oatmeal to people at nursing homes. LOL


Hey, different strokes for different folks!



Loreal Self Tanner Cloths. My Caribbean tan is fading away (tear!) and I needed to do something about it.


I would post a before picture, but I didn’t decide this was blog material until after I applied it. Oops. It actually smells OK – so let’s hope it looks good too :)

Do you use self-tanner in the spring? I usually do around this time of year – I’m ready for a tan without the risks :)


Happy Saturday, everyone!! I’m about to head out for a power yoga class – I haven’t been in forever – and then hit up the grocery store for just a few essentials. No breakfast yet, but I have it packed up to eat in the car (lame, I know):


Love when there’s just enough left to eat out of the container – easy travel + no dirty dishes!


Banana + honey + raw almond butter + 1/3 c. oats :)


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  1. I’m jealous of your curly hair!! My hair is stick straight and doesn’t do anything different :(

  2. Your hair looks great! What product do you put in it?

  3. I love your hair! I try to style mine wavy but it never really works. My hair is stick straight.

  4. Love your hair like that!! I like the color too. Looks like you’re ready for summer!! :) I use Victoria’s Secret bronzer sometimes; I like the color it gives, but it smells terribly.

    • Boo to the bad smell. And yeah I totally have streaks all over my legs and didn’t notice until I was in downward dog this morning at yoga hahaaa

  5. Your hair looks really good curly. I think the secret is to find a product that you like. My hair looks horrible unless I put product in it. Right now, I use Redkin Ringlet.

    I’m sort of jealous of people with straight hair. I feel like I can never really have a hairstyle with mine and I can certainly never have bangs! I will straighten it on occasion but it takes like an hour.

  6. Love the wavy look!! My hair is very similar to yours. I can get it wavy/curly with the right product, otherwise it turns into a giant frizzy mess. I’m really lazy when it comes to self care though – so I straighten maybe only once a week!

  7. PS- You kinda remind of me Sharon Stone when she was younger in those pics. At least I think it’s her I’m thinking of. Very prettay.

  8. I have naturally wavy hair too with the same frizz issues when I let it go wavy. Did your stylist use a particular Aveda product to control the frizz? I used to use be curly or whatever it’s called and that was too heavy for my hair, but I think they have a new serum be curly product out! Love Aveda!

    Hope yoga was excellent! I didn’t do yoga this week and my body is craving it.

    I need to start using self-tanner too. I have always heard that Clarins makes a good one. I know it’s pricey, but I might try it this year.

    • Be Curly style prep, Flaxseed Aloe gel, Be Curly Creme
      I’ll probably do a post of the process and specific products here in a couple days since a few peeps are interested :)

  9. Oh i love the new hair do!! Sexy, hehe! I use that self tan lotion. Its a nice touch!

  10. I am always jealous of people that can do both straight and wavy! Good call on the Aveda products as well. They are luuuurvely (though pricey — I know from experience!)

    I am reaching the point where I think the fake tan will have to come out. L’oreal is by far the best product I have found, both for a natural look and for smell!

  11. Yes please go through your process and products! I wear my hair wavy every day but just use good ole’ Suave mousse :)

  12. I LOVE the hair!!! So cute and very flattering. My hair is as straight as it gets, so there really isn’t much I can do with it.

  13. Your hair looks so cute! It is nice to change things up once in a while.

    I use Origins self tanner. It is awesome, doesn’t smell bad and it gives a nice natural glow. Reasonably priced too, $20!!

  14. Love the hair! So cute :) I have curly hair so there are two ways I know how to style it – up or down. Hehe.

    My friend is using self-tanner too, I think it’s Jergens and it’s working! No fake orange-y look either :) I might pass on the self-tanner for now, seeing as how I keep getting sunburned on my runs! Hopefully it will turn into a brilliant, goddess-like bronze tan that everyone will envy me for 😉 HA!

  15. Love the hair!

  16. LOVE your hair wavy. My hair is just like yours….it can go either way :) I wish it straightened out a bit nicer, but I do love having the option to keep it wavy in the summer. mmm fage. And thanks for posting your thoughts on the dough boy- I was thinking of trying it but I’m not sure I could take that texture!

  17. I LOVE the wavy hair on you!! Mine is soooo straight at all times, but I say if you’ve got curls you should rock ’em. It’s kind of reminiscent of the beachy ocean hair look…. oh except for the fact that we live hundreds of miles from the ocean lol…


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