Illinois Marathon: Goal Time Went Down the Pot

OK, So the wind wasn’t the only glitch for this morning’s half marathon. It wasn’t anything huge – I mean Shane got us to the race on time with Garmin and iPod fully charged. But a couple things did go wrong. As we got in the (HUGE) line for start and I began flashing my […]

Conditions to Run a Half Marathon

Last night, Amber and I headed to Champaign to pick up our bib numbers for the Illinois (Half) Marathon!    We ate our pre-race dinner after getting our goody bag: hummus + pita, and Veggie burger + orzo from Houlihans (so good!!) And now I’ve got my gear ready, my running clothes on, my playlist […]

Five Friday Fascinations

Because my calendar tells me that’s what day it is…I’m still not so sure 😉 1. Knee socks        Meet my latest obsession. The other day while perusing around Target, these socks caught my eye. I took them home, wore them, and then went back for three more pair in different colors and patterns. Perfect […]

Simplest Scallops

     The other day was grocery day, and I realized I’d already gone over my monthly grocery budget for April. So instead of going to Fresh Market and Meijer like usual, I went to Aldi and Wal-Mart. And I brought Shane with me. You know, just in case. Don’t underestimate the power of Aldi, […]

Metabolic Training: Boost It Up!

Today has most certainly been a better day than yesterday. It’s always hard to dive back into the routine after suffering a loss, and yesterday was no different. It just seemed rushed, emotional, and Murphy’s Law-ish. Today, however, has been much brighter! Even the weather thought so, as the sun popped out to say hello. […]

My New Favorite Snack

     The other day I was putting together a typical breakfast, a banana, almond butter, and half a banana, sliced. Since I rarely make my grocery budget anyway, I hate wasting food. And I had half a banana left! Hmmm, what can I do with the other half of this banana? I thought. It […]

Kindness in Your Smile

Well, I’m back at work and it’s somehow the middle of the week. And I’m back at work with a vengeance, too. I kind of forgot about easing back in and jumped in with both feet. I’ve been working at the BIC all day, and have several clients tonight. Oops… Anyway, thank you thank you […]

Follow Her Fitsteps

Hey guys! Paige here again. Everything went as well as it could go yesterday. It was an incredibly sad day, but it was also much needed, and we were all surrounded by so much love. Thank you for the continuing kind comments. I’m about to head off to work, but I have one more guest […]

Beginner’s Guide to Running

Another exciting guest post coming at ya this afternoon! Please let me introduce BeckOnTheRun! I met Becky at the Healthy Living Summit, and have been reading her blog every since. She’s a distance runner with a passion and I never leave her blog less inspired —– Hello RAN readers!  I am super excited to hang […]

Dessert Smoothies (Guest Post!)

There’s a few bloggers who’s blogs I have favorited just for their recipes. You know, ones that make me salivate every single time I read one of their posts. Brandi, from Branappetit, is one of these bloggers. I’ve tried a good handful of her recipes, but the most recent one I’ve tried was her blueberry […]

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