Resort Cuisine: The Meh, The Bad, and The Ugly

G’morning! Blogging to you straight from the comfy chairs at Panera this morning:


I just finished a boot camp session, now I’m having a little breakfast, and then heading into the office for the day:)


When Shane and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic last week, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort. Being the vegetarian, healthy foodie I am, I was a little leery, but told myself I was going to relax and not be so concerned about the food. People don’t go all-inclusive for the food anyway 😉

I was so relaxed, in fact, that I abandoned my vegetarian ways.


Once with grouper…


and once (unbeknownst to me…) with a crab…square? I’m not sure, but either way, after consuming these, I came running back to vegetarian land – at least in the Dominican Republic.

Word to the wise: just because you’re on an island does NOT mean you’ll be eating fresh, local seafood. FYI.

The above dishes would actually be classified in the “bad” or “ugly” categories, but most of the food was “meh.” There were, however a few yummy items, but we’ll save them for the end 😉

Shane and I were actually really excited to try out the tapas place on the resort, but left somewhat frightened.


The above crab…square came out first, even though we didn’t order it. Hm. Moving on. Next, our entrees came out. I ordered the vegetarian everything (which is even more confusing as to why they brought me crab) and this was my main dish:


Not horrible, not delicious, just…odd. Fried something or other, cous cous something or other, a shot of pumpkin cream (?) and a shot glass of carrot sauce (?)

The next dish was actually something I really enjoyed, but then that was the end of the meal.


Vegetable stuffed kale! Yes – everything in Punta Cana is white – the asparagus, the spinach, the kale, etc. What’s up with that?!

OK, let’s keep going with the ugly so we can get to the meh 😉

Anytime a menu had dishes marked “vegetarian,” I got pretty excited. So when we went to lunch as I saw a vegetable sandwich on the menu, I happily ordered that, along with the somewhat leery cold vegetable soup with green apple.


Three pieces of white bread, toasted, with tomato, lettuce, and mayo. Cold fries.


Room temperature soup. Need I say anything? Again, I’m not complaining, as we didn’t choose an all inclusive for the food. Lesson learned!

Moving on to the meh’s!

Now, breakfast was something I could work with. Thank goodness – because I’m a HUGE breakfast person. I dined on pretty meh/decent omelets:


Coffee w/ leche:


But mostly yogurt + oats + PB + fruit:



Decent! Yummy, even 😀

For Shane’s breakfast, he mostly opted to feast on pork bacon, and then follow it with two different beverages:


Coffee and a bloody mary. What else…? lol

His bloody mary’s came with a tree, too:


They made a better nose, though 😛

Basically, after every meal, Shane and I would ask each other how our food was and we’d reply without fail, “meh” or “oh, it wasn’t too bad.” hehe

Other notable “meh” mentions:


Chef Boyardee pizza


Spring roll

And now, we’ve made it to the YUMMY foods! This section mainly consists of dessert, but one meal stood out from all the others:


This is the meal we had on a distant island. It wasn’t resort food, but good, homecooked Domincan chow. Can’t go wrong with beans and rice! Oh, and the tomatoes were the most delicious tomatoes EVAH.

The resort vegetable risotto was pretty stellar, too:

IMG_1656 - Copy

Chocolate, Five Ways:


Nearly impossible to be bad with a name like that!

Coconut ice cream with coconut cake:


Again, for coconut lovers like me, it would be a sin for this not to taste delicious!

And although the food at the resort got a resounding “MEH,” the drinks were where it was at.

Shane and I both had “usuals.” I chose my “usual” early on as a gin + club soda w/ lime. It was light, refreshing, and drinkable:


But when a fruity drink was in order, we were both ALL about the coco locos:


MUST. create. at. home.

So, the moral of this story is to set your expectations low when going to an all-inclusive resort, even if trip advisor has hundreds of reviews saying how delicious the food is 😉

Oh, and cheers!


This post is worthless without pics. So, here it is.

I never thought a thumb could hurt so much. Weh!



Now, I’m obviously being a bit facetious with this post. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining – I obviously and thoroughly enjoyed the time of my life on this trip!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone! Got a busy one? Not too bad over this way :)

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  1. Ahhh! I have to say-and I probably shouldn’t be this way, BUT- the thing I MOST look forward to when going somewhere new is the food! It’s harder now that I’m vegan, so I’m changing my expectations a bit, but I still get excited to try a local favorite :)

    That coconut drink looks like da bomb! Just feed me those all day, please :) No real food needed here 😉

    • No no I hear you! I’m choosing somewhere that we can experience the food as part of the culture more next time:)

  2. Sorry to hear a good portion of the food was lackluster. :(

    But at least desserts and beverages seemed to nail the mark! I would be horrifically disappointed if they didn’t!

  3. That definitely looks like resort food. I have always had similar experiences with all inclusive food. There was one place that had awesome omelets though. I feasted on those.

  4. This is good info. I want to go on a cruise sometime soon, and no meat (though I have started to make exceptions for fish on vacations) will surely make it difficult. I think I could live on that stuff, though. My lactose intolerance would have a different answer, though!

  5. I am sold on the desserts and drinks alone! Anything with coconut and / or chocolate, hehe :)

    It can be tough being a veggie on holiday though. I was in Rome a couple of years back and ordered a grilled mozzarella and tomato sandwich. We checked it didn’t have meat in it, just to be sure. When I took a bit though, it tasted funny. It had ham in it! The waiter’s response? “But that’s just ham.” Lol!

  6. I think that’s why I’ll never do an all inclusive resort. I’d be too worried about the quality of the food. The dessert looked delicious though, I guess I could go and live on dessert.

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