One Meal’s Leftovers is Another Meal’s Main Dish

Ay ay ay what a day so far! When I called the vet this morning, the only appointment they had was for the lunch hour. Instead, I opted to take her in right away and wait for an opening.


I’m sure glad I did, because after about 20 minutes, we got right in!


The doctor checked her out, scolded me for switching foods too quickly, gave us some tablets to help her tummy feel better, and we were on our way. I consider it an $80 lesson 😛

So, on Monday night, I made a “meaty” eggplant pasta where the sauce made the meal. And last night, I made another standout dinner!


Parmesan encrusted chicken, corn bread, and lemon asparagus.


Yum! I had what was on the plate, and Shane had about double of everything 😛

While I was getting the cornbread mix out from the pantry, this little guy fell out with it:


This tiny box of pasta was a freebie from the Healthy Living Summit I attended wayyyy back in last August. It’s high time I used these babies up. I guess I waited so long because I never knew what to do with them. So while the corn bread was cooking, I decided to boil them up.

I also had leftovers of Monday night’s sauce, and enough girth from this meal to add to them so that I could make a real hearty pasta dish!


When I drained the pasta after cooking, I added a little salt and pepper, then I cut up the leftover asparagus from last night’s dinner to add with it. For a little extra protein, I rinsed and drained a can of organic pinto beans to throw in the mix.


Now I had everything but my sauce, which I threw in at the end and then shredded a little gruyere cheese to mix in with it.

So, in total, this pasta dish contained 1 box of the shells, 1 can of drained and rinsed beans, ~10 asparagus stalks, chopped, ~1/2 c. this sauce, and ~1/4 c. shredded gruyere!


For today’s lunch, I spooned out about half of it into a bowl. I ate it cold and it was absolutely delicious, but I’m sure it’d be just as yummy hot too 😀



Well my plan is to finish up some more work at the office, and then head to the gym to train a couple clients! Thank Goodness it’s Thri-day! (It’s kind of my Friday, since I only have one bootcamp session to work tomorrow!)

Have a good rest of your day!

Any fun weekend plans coming up?

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  1. great eats, great nice dinner that’s easy!

    weekend plans? working and enjoying the low 80F and sun today :)

  2. I still have my little box of shells from HLS, too! I need to use them! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. I love love leftovers. Is that weird? And I will eat them cold, no shame!

  4. SO glad the puppers is ok! As you know, Frank is going through some issues, so I can totally feel for you! And I know how alarming it is when your doggy gets sick! mmm cornbread. So good! And great use for the pasta. Hmmm…weekend=dinner with parents Saturday night and brunch Sunday morning, taking Body Step and otherwise?? finishing taxes, cleaning….usual stuff 😉

  5. I’m so glad Niko is on the mend!
    No big weekend plans, and after the three crazy weekends I’ve just had I’m pretty excited about it!

  6. Yummm! We had asparagus last night too :)
    Tomorrow is our last day of boot camp and we have to do a fitness assessment so that we have one to compare with when we first started.
    I’m glad Niko is okay! I never think about the consequences when I switch Trixie’s food. She’s been on the same kind now for over a year, so I think I’ll keep giving it to her for now!
    :) Happy Thri-Day, haha

  7. Oh I just love when meals turn into delicious lunches. I would really love a big mish mosh of pasta and beans and asparagus…mmm…and that eggplant sauce sounds fabulous :)

  8. Wait a second…you are eating chicken now too? :)

  9. Hooray for the weekend! I have a race Sunday morning, and then a trip to NYC Sunday afternoon. I’m really excited.

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