My Birthday Juice Runneth Over

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone! With each comment, it made my day that much lovelier 😀

Despite the different circumstances, it ended up being a really good day. Nothing really exciting happened, but it was a nice relaxing day, with lots of birthday wishes, lots of time spent with Shane, and a nice birthday dinner to top it off.

After working for a couple hours on a customized nutrition plan for a couple clients, some laundry tackling, and helping Shane clean the floors (he’s still sick, poor guy!) it was on.

I had a birthday juice:


My birthday juice runneth over

Played on the computer and read your blogs – while Shane hung our new curtains (!!)


Here’s the final product:


What do ya think??


I love them. Clarabelle, however, isn’t so sure.


But mom, how am I going to tear into these with my claws?!

       IMG_2370 Oh, screw it.

Somehow I think she’ll find a way…lol

You can kinda see what they looked like before in this pic:


I definitely think the new ones brighten up the kitchen a lot 😀

After the curtains were hung, we went to the store for some more groceries, and then hit up the pet store where we spent a boat load of pet food. I recently found out the food I was feeding Niko and Clarabelle is a) very good at marketing its food as quality, and b) is full of crap and fillers. So I got them some high grade food stat. Luckily, their taste buds love it too 😉

Pet owners: How did you decide what to feed your pets? What do you feed them?

Later that night, Shane informed me we had dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant, Biaggi’s! Biaggi’s!!! I was pretty excited…

For the bread…


For the wine…  IMG_1511

For the…fish?


Yes, that, my friends, is a fish. A triggerfish to be specific. Under the advice/suggestion of some medical professionals, I’ll be eating fish every now and then for health. I’ll probably keep it to once a week or less, but it’ll still be there. So there. It’s out there – I said it! Moving on…

To the best part…the BREAD PUDDING!


As if there weren’t reason enough, this is the main reason I love Biaggi’s. It contains my favorite dessert in the whole world. I’m not a huge bread pudding person, but this stuff knocks my socks off.

Belly’s full, we rolled out to the car, headed home, and called it a [birthday] night :) Shane got me a birthday cake, but needless to say, it remains un touched. What a better reason than to celebrate today, too? 😉

Great day!

What was the best part about your weekend this weekend??


Have a great Monday, friends!!

I’m off to go teach a private bootcamp session this morning, squeeze in a run, and run some errands (Clarabelle needs more kitty litter and I forgot to get it yesterday – doh!)

See ya’s later!

Coming up: I’ve been loving tri-sets still, and I want to share a workout that’s only 30 minutes, but kicks your booty top to bottom throughout the whole thing. Love it!

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  1. ooOoohhhhh! Can’t wait to hear the workout! I’m always looking for new stuff to do :) Where did you find those curtains? They are so pretty!
    Looks like a wonderful birthday dinner to me! I’m glad you were able to celebrate it at your favorite restaurant!

    The highlight of my weekend was probably running 10 miles on the treadmill and then eating an Indian cuisine feast afterwards, haha 😀
    I skipped my boot camp session this morning! I’m trading it in for some yoga instead 😉
    PS. started Hunger Games and it’s AWESOME

  2. Happy Birthday a little late. It looks like you had a great day.

  3. Laura @ Backstage Pass says:

    Happy Birthday, Paige! Sounds like you guys had a great celebration.
    Yesterday was my Mom’s bday, too!
    And LOL – Clarabelle is totally scheming. She’s gonna eat those curtains for breakfast, watch that one!

  4. Sorry I am late to the party–I was MIA from blogland for a couple days.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you and am so happy you had a good day. I <3 Clarabelle.

  5. hello love, WELCOME BACCCK! i see that you, however, forgot to bring us bakc some much needed warm weather, ummm BRR! hope to see your perdy face soon! i meees you!

    we recently switched mac and pockie to ULTRA brand dog food, it actually smells like FOOD, which is rare for a dog food. andit has a ton of good ingredients, and adiquate amounts of glucosimine and condroiten (sp) which is good for joint health and musle building :) —- just my piece of advice for doggy food. :) XOXO peace love and healthy pups

  6. LOVE the curtains- very very cute. We need to pick a new food for Frank. I have a feeling what we’re feeding him is also filled with crap. What a yummy dinner! You must eat what you feel is right for you and makes you feel good. I think its fabulous that you’ve decided to eat fish! And that bread pudding? get outta town 😉

  7. I try to feed my dog food in which corn is not the #1 ingredient. Beyond that, I try to be realistic and not worry about other particulars too much. =)

  8. I’m a lurker coming out to say… I looooove Biaggi’s! I grew up in the Peoria area and mosey-ed over to B/N a few times a year, especially to eat at Biaggi’s. We actually took my parents there for their anniversary in November. The bread is SO GOOD! A great place for a bday dinner, by the way, Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy late birthday!!! Sorry I missed it :(
    The fish and the bread pudding both look fantastic!

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