Happy Running Nostalgia + Arms ‘n Abs

Yesterday’s outdoor run couldn’t have gone better. I wasn’t sure how it’d go, because I had to deal with some doggie drama beforehand.


Niko’s sick bed.

You see, apparently, I didn’t wean Niko off of her old food long enough before switching over to her new (higher quality) food, and her tummy got a little PO’d. Our pay back was my coming home to a main floor full of Niko…sickness. Actually, Shane got to it first, so he cleaned it, but I still had to tend to my pup. I felt SO bad.

After assuring her comfort, I set out on a 40 minute tempo run. It started out great, and I held a pace of about 9:15. Once I remembered I’m horrible about keeping a certain pace for an extended period of time outdoors, I called of the “tempo” part and just made it a quick run.


Runners: are you good about holding a certain pace for an extended period of time? I just can’t do it without feeling like a slave to my Garmin!

Trying to hold my quick gait, I noticed something felt incredibly special about this run.

Hmmm, I thought. No, it’s not that it’s my first outdoor run of the year. I’ve run a good handful of times outdoors already this year.

However, it was my first outdoor non-long run of the year. All of my shorter distance runs have been on the treadmill. But today was the first time in months that I ran my usual four mile distance run, and it felt incredible! 😀 I can’t explain the feeling, but my best is that it was happy running nostalgia 😛

I’d planned on doing a bit of upper body and abs strength training directly afterward, but due to hunger, I waved it off until this morning.

So this morning after training a client in the wee hours this am, I cranked out this core + upper body workout:

1a) clapping modified pushups (12 reps)

1b) double arm dumbbell row (12 reps)

1c) stability ball jack knifes (for abs) (10 reps)

—repeat 2-3 times

2a) inverted press (10 reps)

2b) long arm dumbbell pullover (12 reps)

2c) flowing plans (5 times through side plank>plank>other side plank)

—repeat 2-3 times

3a) tricep dips (10 reps)

3b) hammer curls (12 reps)

3c) boat pose (hold 30 seconds)

–repeat 2-3 times

Let me know if you have any questions about this work out if you want to try it yourself! :)

Well Niko still seems to be pretty sick – she hasn’t physically gotten sick, but she’s acting very lethargic and isn’t drinking any water :-/ I think a trip to the vet is in order for my morning. Don’t you hate the helpless feeling you get when your baby/pet is sick?! Gah!

Anyway, today is my last long day of the week. Working all day at the BIC (whenever I make it in) and then training a couple clients. I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

How does your day look today?

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  1. Poor Niko! When i dogsat last year, I was terrified of doggie throwup. The poo I can handle. Mostly because it’s a normal thing… :p

    I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Awwww NIKO. <3

  3. I definitely need to work jack knives and clapping pushups into my routine. I did hanging leg raises yesterday though so I’m going to be sore for a few days!

    Great you had such a fantastic run. Tho poor Niko :(

  4. I love those quick outdoor runs! They are always refreshing. It’s hard not become a slave to the Garmin when trying to keep a pace. The Garmin is my best friend and worst enemy. In fact, I’m not using mine for awhile because I just want to get back to running for fun and pacing by how I feel. Hope Niko feels better soon!


  1. […] ay ay what a day so far! When I called the vet this morning, the only appointment they had was for the lunch hour. Instead, I opted to take her in right away […]

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