Getting my Workout Mojo Back

Confession: since getting back from vacation on Saturday, I’ve only worked out twice – both of which have been running only.

Fact: During vacation, I worked out 3 times – 2 being runs + weights, 1 being a circuit workout.


Therefore, since Saturday, March 19th, I’ve only worked out five times. For me, this isn’t much. I typically get a workout in 5-6 days per week! It’s just hard to get your workout mojo back after an incredibly relaxing vaca, no? However, I think it’s back, because all I want to do is go to a spin class and get in a compound strength training workout! 😀

In other news, I F’d up my thumb pretty bad:

IMG_2331 IMG_2335


The other night, I woke up to a searing pain in my thumb. It was literally throbbing it hurt so bad. I saw that it was bleeding underneat the nail, and knew it was the pressure that was causing the intense pain. I read in Runner’s World once where you can puncture the nail to let some of the blood out to relieve the pressure if you can tolerate the pain. I couldn’t find anything sharp enough to poke a hole in my nail, so I went with the next best thing:


Uhh yeah. That turned out well…


Stopped hurting though! :)


Well I’m off to get my workout mojo back! It’s sunny and 49 degrees here, and I’m going to take advantage of it with a 40 minute tempo run! Whoop whoop :)

What are some times when you tend to lose your workout mojo? How do you get it back?

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  1. What happened to your thumb?! Did it just randomly start hurting?! I hope it feels better!

    • I still have no idea! lol Well, actually my best bet is that I tried a little too hard to put my key back on my key ring and it pulled the nail back too far….but it didn’t hurt then!

  2. 1. What you decided to do to your thumb was very “Rocky” in my opinion.

    2. If I’m absolutely dying running, I either take a couple of days off (so that I have no other choice but to do something with the energy) or carb-load so that I have one or two extremely energetic, easy runs. Because feeling good about your fitness is half the battle. Failing that, I do yoga.

    • Ha! Rocky – I like that. I was thinking more “moment of desperation” but I like Rocky more :) And my nail lady is gonna shoot me lol

  3. Ow ow ow, your nail! I can’t believe you went at it with pliers! 😀

    I’ve totally lost my workout mojo recently, but I think sometimes we need that — and enforced break of a kind — just to refresh and reboot ourselves a bit. And I think after a relaxing vacay easing yourself back in is the sensible thing to do anyway. It’s not like you totally let it slide — keeping yourself ticking over with some runs and circuits is more than a lot of people do in a busy week!

    Enjoy spinning!

  4. Ouch! That thumb looks painful! I have a messed up toenail and I’ve been a big baby about it. You’re tough!

    Sometimes I think a little workout hiatus is perfect. Your body is rested and now you can get back to the gym feeling strong. I’m cutting back for the next couple weeks, so I can start fresh again. I wish I had a tropical place to go to pass the time 😉

  5. I always lose my workout mojo after a race, so I keep signing up for races. When I was in middle school i slammed my finger in a door and it started bleeding under the nail. The pressure was so bad that I had to go to the doctor and he punctured my nail to get the blood out. It definitely felt a lot better after.

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