Don’t Laugh At this Exercise + Day 2 in Punta Cana – the Sunburn

…no seriously. Don’t laugh or your abs will hurrrt :) In a good way!

One of the questions I get a lot in emails and on the blog is what my favorite ab exercises are. So, I’m going to start a tab on the blog called abs when I get back from this little paradise I’m in.

Without further ado, here is an ab exercise that’s no joke (and thank goodness!)


How many days per week do you do ab work?


So I hope you guys enjoyed Kim’s guest post on living the military life and being gluten free! She’s got a pretty interesting story, right? 😀

Well we are having a serious BLAST here in Punta Cana!!

This place is basically a lovers paradise and I never want to return home! Unfortunately, Shane and I are both pretty sunburnt today. Ouch.


To get this lovely red color, we’ve been swimming in the ocean a LOT:


I think swimming in the ocean is always my top activity while going somewhere tropical :)

There’s also been a lot of two-handed euchre going on. When we need some shade or when it’s night time, we take it “inside” to a bar with some tables so I can whoop Shane’s booty in some cards 😉


And yesterday we actually made it to the gym! There’s absolutely NO shortage of time here, and we kinda felt like it, so why not? While Shane lifted, I busted out a quick 3 mile run, followed by a few lifting exercises (lateral raises, dumbbell squats, and tricep pushups)


Me running :) Woo! Shane says another gym trip is in store today…but I may have to skip out on this one. I’m feeling lazy 😛

The food here is OK…that said, I at least don’t think I’ll have a tough time getting in enough protein or veggies. I was a little worried about that. Got my protein in at breakfast:



And veggies in, via gazpacho + veggie sandwich for lunch!

For dinner, we headed to a nice, romantic tapas restaurant by the beach.


I was very impressed with the selection here! They have no shortage of food for vegetarians :) Naturally, dinner was also pretty veggie-heavy.



That’s Dominican kale!

However, the desserts…


And the drinks…


Are where it’s at…:)

And with that,

IMG_1337                  IMG_1342


Peace out!

I’m off to go live it up, island style!


I hope you’re enjoying the vacation posts! I have pre-written posts lined up, but I figured since there’s free wifi, and we have plenty of down time in the morning, I’d try and throw up a post once a day :) I know some people like reading blogger’s vacation posts, while some would rather skip. Do you like to read blogger’s vacation posts? Or do you prefer the daily/normal routine? :)

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  1. I LOVE the idea of an ab section! I completely agree that laughing IS the best ab exercise ever, but I’ve actually done Killer before and it’s crazy how much you feel it immediately. Great video!

    Looks like you’re having such a great time! Those beaches are gorgeous!


  2. We love your vacation posts…I’m gonna try that ab thing too. Since it’s supposed to pour, and Aunt Bobbie is joining us, we will be taking her to B/N’s greatest tourist spots, Von Maur and Lucas Pizza. I bet you’re not even jealous!

  3. I love these vacation posts!! That’s so great that they have so many vegetarian options for you! Yippee :)
    That water looks so blue and crystal clear, not like the ocean near my house! My boyfriend won’t even swim in it!

    And ab work is probably my favorite thing to do. (I like the counting and repetition of it) I usually work them 3-4 times a week. That would be so awesome if you had an ‘Ab Tab’ hehe

  4. Good job for running on vacation!! I would be a lobster too, even with sunscreen. I love your long dress… how fun!!

  5. Vacation posts are awesome! It paints a picture of someone’s whole life, not just their day-to-day ordinary routines.

    All of your food looks delish!

  6. I LOVE the vacation posts because I do not forsee myself going on a vacation in the near future. I wish I could, but money is tight and I dont know what the future holds right now.

    I hope you are having a GREAT time and we will have to get the Normal Bloggers together again soon for a meet-up!

  7. oh balls. 😉

    that does look killer!! my abs hurt just watching you do it. definitely going to give that exercise a whirl this week.

    hope your sunburn goes away =[ those desserts and drinks do look fabulous-o! LOVEEE blogger vacation posts. enjoy the ocean for the rest of us!

  8. I don’t do ab work every week :-/ When I do, it’s only once or twice a week. Hopefully your series will motivate me to try a few new exercises!

    I enjoy reading vacation posts and seeing the blogger’s break from the normal routine. Looks like you’re having a great time!

  9. you look HOT! :)

    And PLEASE carry on with the vacay posts…they totally rock my little world. Vacay vs. ordinary life? I’ll take the vacay stuff :)

  10. I love reading peoples vacation posts! It lets me live vicariously through others.

  11. Awesome, thanks for responding with the abs tab!

    And it looks like you’re having a great time! I think hitting the gym when it feels like no biggie is a great compromise. And that the rest of the time you should just swim in the sea, play cards, and eat lots of amazing food.

    So job done really! :)

  12. I like your vaca posts :) Looks beautiful there and so much fun!!!


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