All-Exclusive Food + Another Birthday

Another birthday comes around…this girl’s gettin’ older!


Hey, I never said more mature 😉

Yep, today I turn the big 2-6


It’s kind of an odd birthday today, though. What with just getting back from Punta Cana early Saturday morning and having such a full plate of things to come back to, today’s birthday seems kinda squished in there! Additionally, I just received some discouraging news about the health of a close family member…so it’s been a weird state of being…

Shane and I have plans of going shopping and getting dinner from my fav restaurant tonight to celebrate. I’m pretty excited about that:) Two words: bread. pudding. Oh yeah 😛


Despite yesterday’s jam packed to-do list, it was so nice getting back to the routine. While adjusting is sometimes hard, I’m finding that the adjustment period after our trip this time around isn’t bad! And I made a pretty decent sized dent in my to-do’s, only stopping just as the sun was setting:


The only thing I’m scoffing at is the big mountain of laundry staring at me in the face 😛 Oh laundry, don’t be so arrogant. You’re going dowwwn. Aaaand I just smack talked my laundry. haha….Moving on!

What’s the one chore you dislike most about getting back from being away on a trip? It’s DEFINITELY laundry for me. I feel like I have to wash everything in my suitcase – even if I never wore it!

However, the best part about getting back home from an all inclusive resort is being able to go back to eating normal food!

After my 10 miler yesterday (which was on the treadmill…and felt much longer than the 96 minutes I spent on it! But…no pain! :) ) my car automatically went directly to Fresh Market, where I stocked up on produce, produce, and more produce.

My crispers went from looking like this:



Don’t mind the dirty drawers (not my drawers, the refrigerator drawers, ha!) 😉

To this!

IMG_2339 IMG_2342




My mom also brought me some produce and groceries to help me out. Thanks mom :)

I promptly turned the fruit and veggies into juice!


And then I made a huge gigantic salad.


Baby greens, chopped tomato, broccoli, black beans, guryre cheese + a little EVOO mixed with s&p + balsamic vinegar. I usually crave smoothies or bread after a long run, but instead, all I wanted was fresh organic veggies! It was just what I needed, washed down with a glorious can of coconut water. From the vacation traveling and the long run, I was a bit dehydrated, so it helped tonso!

Shane & I were even more excited to order from our favorite pizza place here in town, Monicals:


Monicals has the best veggie pizza and the best sauce.


Ahhh…good American food. How I love thee. Definitely preferring the All-Exclusive food right now, haha

Don’t get me wrong, I loved liked the food at the resort, but I’m always a bit leery. I plan on doing a post on resort food soon here too :) It’s just good to have food that you know where it came from, and that there probably weren’t any flies on it before consuming 😉

In fact, when Shane asked me to go to a birthday breakfast today, I politely declined, and told him we’ve eaten too many breakfasts other people have cooked lately. So instead, I got oats :)


Well even though I tried my best to get everything done yesterday, there’s still a bit of leftovers for this morning. I ended up hanging out with my parents yesterday – they had a couple birthday presents for me, as well as delivered the bad news about a family member – so with that, the to-do’s could wait until today.

With that, I’m off to finish some paper work and then have a nice, relaxing day.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you guys about a book I’m reading. I finished MockingJay on the trip (and it ended up being awesome, actually) and started a new one.


Little Bee. It’s so incredibly captivating. Strange, because you have no idea what the book’s about, but you just have to keep reading. Captivating I tell ya.

Well I hope you guys are having a lovely Sunday morning. Have a great rest of the weekend:)

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  1. Sorry to hear about the health news- hope everything turns out ok. Most importantly- HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY! Enjoy every minute of your special day. Laundry is ridiculous after vacation. I try to clean the house the day before we leave so pretty much everything else is set and in its place when we return. Way to fit in a kick butt workout yesterday too. I don’t know how you can run that long on a treadmill…7 miles seems to be my limit- otherwise I need to be outside!! Have fun at din din

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

    I’m the same way about washing everything in my suitcase after a trip, even if it was not worn.

  3. I’ve read ‘Little Bee’. Just the back cover made me want to gobble it up! They don’t tell you anything about what the book is about! But it is a good story, unlike any I’ve ever read.
    And I’m now reading The Hunger Games! Your book list is so similar to mine!
    I hope your family member gets better. I’m sorry you had to come home to that kind of news.
    Looks like someone was missing her veggies while on vacation, haha 😉 That’s my favorite thing to do when I get back is to go grocery shopping! Least favorite-unpacking! Enjoy your day!

  4. PSS. Room is a great book too! Very, very good!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry about the rough news on a family member though. Hope its all okay.

    And yea – all inclusive food. I like it, but it does make me a little leery when I think about it too.

  6. Happy Birthday Lady!! Another day older, another day more beautiful :)

  7. I’m turning 26 in less than a month, too. I’ve love to try all-inclusive food…

    Sorry about the family member. =(

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I love Monical’s!! I miss it so much, there needs to be one in the burbs!

  9. Happy Birthday!
    Monical’s has the best red dressing. It used to be my absolute favorite thing about going to monical’s. Then I got my mom to buy the stuff at Monical’s and I ate it whenever I had pizza and I have since taken a break from red dressing unless I am at Monical’s!
    Hope that you have a good week and you get a chance to breath and relax even after such an amazing trip! :)


    I don’t like resort food. Mostly because I hate buffets. It’s hard to produce quality food in such large batches. Plus, it’s always cold by the time you get to the table!

  11. Happy Birthday Paige! I think resort food is hit and miss for me. Although, it has been a while since I have been on vacation and would the opportunity to try it out again :)

  12. Happy birthday! :)

    I totally feel you on the laundry after a trip. I have to wash everything too- everything just seems dirty after taking it in a suitcase!

  13. Happy birthday! I’ve just started Mockingjay and I’ve heard some mixed things about it…I’m glad you ended up liking it!

  14. Happy Birthday, Paige! Now to celebrate it for an entire week… because you can…

  15. Is that Monical’s french dressing with your pizza? The best way to eat it! Lol… you’re making me nostalgic for central IL foods.

  16. AAAAAAAAAAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!! I am so behind on my google reader (obviously) :) Hope you had the best day!


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