One Meal’s Leftovers is Another Meal’s Main Dish

Ay ay ay what a day so far! When I called the vet this morning, the only appointment they had was for the lunch hour. Instead, I opted to take her in right away and wait for an opening. I’m sure glad I did, because after about 20 minutes, we got right in! The doctor […]

Happy Running Nostalgia + Arms ‘n Abs

Yesterday’s outdoor run couldn’t have gone better. I wasn’t sure how it’d go, because I had to deal with some doggie drama beforehand. Niko’s sick bed. You see, apparently, I didn’t wean Niko off of her old food long enough before switching over to her new (higher quality) food, and her tummy got a little […]

Getting my Workout Mojo Back

Confession: since getting back from vacation on Saturday, I’ve only worked out twice – both of which have been running only. Fact: During vacation, I worked out 3 times – 2 being runs + weights, 1 being a circuit workout. Therefore, since Saturday, March 19th, I’ve only worked out five times. For me, this isn’t […]

Resort Cuisine: The Meh, The Bad, and The Ugly

G’morning! Blogging to you straight from the comfy chairs at Panera this morning: I just finished a boot camp session, now I’m having a little breakfast, and then heading into the office for the day:) —– When Shane and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic last week, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort. […]

You Won’t Miss the Meat Eggplant Pasta

At our resort in Punta Cana, each restaurant had at least one vegetarian option. I was overall pretty impressed with their selections. They involved kale, asparagus, eggplant, carrots, tofu, an more. It really got me inspired to make some new vegetarian dishes in my kitchen. So when we went grocery shopping this weekend, I picked […]

Keep Calm + Think Palm Trees, and a Workout for You

Morning! Today’s my first day back at the BIC, so I’m moving very cautiously this morning. Although I brought my laptop home, I never once opened it. Since I had so much going on in the fitness gig yesterday, I didn’t want the stress of an overflowing inbox to get the best of me. So […]

Sick with Guilt

On the plane ride over to Punta Cana, Shane and I quite possibly had the worst seats on the plane. Behind us were four college kids, taking shots of jager, being impossibly annoying – talking about prostitutes and cocaine, and obviously being drunk. Now, even though this is annoying in itself, it gets worse. The […]

My Birthday Juice Runneth Over

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone! With each comment, it made my day that much lovelier 😀 Despite the different circumstances, it ended up being a really good day. Nothing really exciting happened, but it was a nice relaxing day, with lots of birthday wishes, lots of time spent with Shane, and a nice […]

All-Exclusive Food + Another Birthday

Another birthday comes around…this girl’s gettin’ older! Hey, I never said more mature 😉 Yep, today I turn the big 2-6 It’s kind of an odd birthday today, though. What with just getting back from Punta Cana early Saturday morning and having such a full plate of things to come back to, today’s birthday seems […]

Slapped by a Cold Reality

No…really. As soon as we stepped off the plane in Chicago last night, we were whipped in the face with flurries and temps in the twenties. A cold reality from being in paradise earlier that morning 😛 For those who haven’t been here in a while, Shane and I spent the last eight days in […]

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