Unexpected To-Do’s

Oh, what a day! It’s inevitable that when we have a to-do list that’s a mile long that there’s going to be some unexpected problems, right? Something about Murphy’s Law?

Well in between spin class and my noon client, I realized I desperately needed an oil change and a little rotation of the tires, and spent an hour here:


Good times, good times. But, $60 bucks later and my car’s bill of health is much better 😉

Combine that with a little Quick Books freak out (i.e. me shouting WHY WON’T YOU RECONCILE?!? at the computer for a good half hour) and let’s just say a few things I planned on getting done is still left hanging 😉

Such is life, right? In these moments you just have to breathe, realize that life isn’t perfect, and do only that which we can control :)

Like having a delightful lunch, for example:


Talk about a delicious lunch!! Acorn squash + baked beans:


And broccoli and GF crackers + hummus:


This will definitely make up for the Clif Bar dinner I’ll be inhaling on my way from training to my double header volleyball game tonight 😉

Any unexpected occurrences happen in your day today?


Off I go!

Remember to let the things you can’t control just rollll off your back. No need to spend energy just getting angry!

Have a great rest of your Monday!

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  1. I hate when that happens! Sorry :(
    Baked beans sounds super good right now.

  2. My whole day was unexpected. I left DC on a tiny plane (prompting an inhalation of an anxiety pill), and landed basically crunk. As result, driving was SO not an option and I ended up making the second half of this day a snow day/re-do of Sunday/a personal day because with all of the traffic (besides that whole not-driving fact), it made no sense to go in.

    Wow. Tale.

    Long story short, we are so rolling with it today, lady.

  3. I love baked beans on sweet potatoes, so I bet baked beans on squash is just as delicious. Sorry about the unexpected twists in your day.

  4. Your words encouraged me to just do what I can after getting back to work from the long vacation today and having lots of work to deal with. I was just actually just talking to my husband on my lunch break and saying “it is what it is” for both of us coming back to work. Then I read your post and was even more encouraged to keep thinking similar thoughts to what you wrote. Thanks for that!

  5. Mike, keep your head in contact with the back pad. When you sit ughpirt the hamstrings are being stretched at both ends. In order to fully contract the quads the hamstrings have to relax.


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