The Curious Case of the Missing iPod

Alternate post title: I Really Need to Clean Out My Car

First thing’s first – I just ran a 7 mile run (my long run of the week, per my half marathon training plan) with minimal hip pain!!!!!! 😀

I’m back, baby!

Granted, the run was inside on a treadmill due to yet another Midwest snowfall last night.


Regardless, it was a splendid run! I had another runner on the treadmills on each side of me (which I love) and I zoned out, listened to my tunes, and conquered the distance!

Wait a second. Back to “listened to my tunes.” This almost didn’t happen. Let me explain.

On Monday, I went to an auto shop to get my oil changed and my tired rotated. There were about three different employees in my car during the time I was there. They did their thang, I paid, I left a happy customer.

Fast forward to this morning as I hop in my car and reach under my center counsel to grab the iPod. It’s not there! omg! I always leave it here – what did I do with it?!?


So I head back inside and look at the other “iPod homes” (places I put my iPod.) And it wasn’t there either. Then all the sudden a light bulb goes off.

Now before I go on, let me explain that I kind of have this really bad trait. It’s the “it can’t be my fault!!!” trait. Every single time I lose something, the blame usually falls on Shane (only because Niko and Clarabelle don’t have thumbs.) Poor guy. A lot of the yelling in our household goes like this:

Me: Where did you put my (____fill in blank___)

Shane: I don’t think I did anything with it…

Me: Right. You just cleaned the entire kitchen, but didn’t touch my _____.

Shane: Well, maybe I did, but I sure don’t remember it.

Me…five minutes later: *hangs head in shame* I found it…it was under the fridge, Niko must have put it there (blatant lie)

OK. Moving on. I call Shane and let him know that those crooks at the car place pocketed my iPod! My 2006 old school, engraved, nano iPod!!! Shane told me not to get upset about it, and we’d get a new one – that they’re not that expensive anymore. But I rebutted that I didn’t want a new one! I wanted my archaic black nano!! (That I actually got him for his birthday six years ago.) Then he had to get off the phone because he was at work.

Needless to say, I didn’t like Shane’s answer. So I called my dad. He thinks more like me (and believed me when I told him those crooks stole my iPod.) His solution was that what they did was just wrong, and that I should go there and demand my iPod or else I’d call the police!! Finally some action I could take.

Since I was already on my way to the gym to go on my run at this point, I decided I’d call those goodfornothing crooks instead.

Me: “Hello, I came in on Monday …. and my iPod was in my car when I got there, and out of my car when I left!”

Auto Shop Guy: “Uh, sorry to hear that. I’ll talk to the guys throughout the day if you want to call back later.”

Me: “OK. I guess you could do that before I pursue further action” – in my best “I mean it” tone (which is pitiful, by the way.)

Just as I hang up, even though I always put my iPod under my center counsel,  I check my back seat. After I move my spin shoes, my running shoes, my yoga mat, the next day’s gym clothes, and my 23 canvas bags, I spot something familiar.


Oh crap.

*hangs head in shame*…

*picks up the phone*…

Me: Uh, hi…I just called about the iPod

Auto Shop Guy: Yep.

Me: Well….turns out my husband took it out of my car (ha!) I’m so sorry and so embarrassed. No need to question your guys about it. Again, I’m so sorry for blaming you.

Auto Shop Guy: Hey, that’s ok. Have a good day!

I was so glad he was cool about it. And so glad I’m getting a new car next week so they won’t remember me.

So, my friends, the moral of the story is: If something of yours is missing, and the back seat of your car looks like mine, then it’s most likely your fault that it’s lost.



So I tell this story in jest, but alas, it’s still a true story. I should know myself better by now!!!

On that note…happy Friday 😀 I’m off to train a few clients :)

How often do you lose things? Do you tend to place the blame on others for losing things?

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  1. Haha, for as long as I’ve been misplacing things I’ve learned to start blaming myself. It took awhile though.

  2. At least you found it! When I lose things I usually don’t see them for days on end.

  3. Ha ha… glad you found it. When I lose something, I look everywhere before accusing the universe, but those sorts of things still happen to me somehow.

  4. LOL! Glad you have that dang iPod back! I am known for leaving things in random places. Last year, I wanted go skiing. I found my skis is my boyfriend’s basement, my boots in a friend’s garage, and my poles at my aunt’s house. Who does that?! I don’t even want to mention my car. I mean, doesn’t every keep a spare set of running gear in the back seat just in case they get invited for an impromptu run?! Happy Friday!

  5. Haha, awesome that you fessed up, even if only on the blog, and not to the car shop guys!

    I am pretty bad for losing stuff too. I also have place for certain items like keys and iPod, and if I get disrupted in my routine even slightly, and put them down somewhere unusual, then I’m screwed. Then I crash around the house frantically! So I’m no help to you at all really..

  6. I swear that half my life has been spent looking for misplaced items like cell phones, keys and one camera. Dad is still looking for his sunglasses (for over 6 months). Ask Shane where he put them, okay?

  7. Congrats on an awesome run! 7 miles on a treadmill isn’t easy, so good for you! I lose things temporarily often – car keys, iPhone, camera, iPod, etc – but I usually find it pretty quickly…right where I left it. Or in my pocket. That happens a lot. Billy loses things all the time! Haha. I try to keep my eye on his things so I can help him out. :)

  8. I lose everything! So does my sister, and she always blames me :)

    I need to run 7 miles either today or tomorrow… I’m already being lazy about my training :(

  9. I lose things on the regular. I often have mental break downs when I lose things. It reminds me how unorganized I am. I don’t typically blame anyway, but my husband will take the blame because he feels so awful about my break down. It works. :)

    And hey, way to go on the 7 mile run. I need to get in 6-7 this weekend also. I, too, will have to face the dreadmill due to this ridiculous midwest weather. Needless to say, I am perusing the internet for 6-7 mile treadmill work outs in hopes that it will take my mind of being on that damn machine for so long.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. LOL. I’m glad you found it! You sound just like me when I can’t find something. Because I always know “for sure” that I put something in a certain place, and “no it could not be anywhere else!”…but it usually turns up somewhere else (and then me remembering that I put it there so I wouldn’t forget it)..Do you see where this is going?!
    I think I have too many “don’t forget this” spots. :)
    Happy Friday! Tomorrow is my long run! I’m so glad you are not having any hip pain, hooray!

  11. Great job on the run- whoop! Um…I totally freak out when I lose anything! I used to be really bad about it…but I’ve gotten better ( a little). And your comment about your pets not having thumbs TOTALLY cracked me up because we always say that about Frank. Have a good weekend!

  12. HA!! Your alternate post title made me laugh out loud. And I would’ve totally done the same thing. Seriously.

  13. I’m just like you! I tend to have an “organized mess” – I’m not the most organized, but I generally know where my “things” are. So if something isn’t where it should be, I’m quick to place blame (usually on my husband). Every now and then I’m right, but most of the time I get to hang my head in shame.

  14. No worries, I would totally do the same thing… the most important thing is that your hip is feeling better! Hooray!!


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