Reminder of Self

Most days, I carry along as my happy-go-lucky self, not really giving thought to my day, just plowing through it, checking off my to-do list items and then having a little fun when I’m done.


Today, however, has been one of those pensive days. All morning (and afternoon, now) I’ve been reflecting on my life, my spirituality, and my relationships. I guess these types of days keep me in check to ground me and keep things real.

Part of the reason is probably due to the fact that I’ve gone out for cocktails the past three nights in a row, and another part is probably because today was the first day Shane and I started going back to church in a really long time.

Yep, today’s a day to remind myself of what and who is important and the values I proclaim to hold. A self-reminder, if you will :)

Do you have some days that are more self-reflective than others? What do you typically do on these days?  I’m not a super duper emotional person, so mine are far and few between, but when they do happen, I usually tend to gravitate toward the kitchen to experiment with different recipes – or curl up with a good book:) <—which, by the way I finished My Horizontal Life and have now moved on to Are You There Vodka, It’s me, Chelsea. Sometimes ya just need two break books. And I loved how much you guys love break books too 😀 Can I get an amen to mindless reading? (wait…is that an oxymoron?) Hey, it’s better than trash TV :)

In other news, I got through my entire 4.5 mile run yesterday! I ran it on the treadmill because the snow banks are as tall as me, and held about an avg pace of 9:45-9:50. And after immediately icing when finished, I had NO resulting hip pain! I’m beginning to think what “they” say about icing is true 😉

Well I hope you guys have had a fabulous weekend so far! Anyone watching the Superbowl today? Anyone making any snacks for the Super bowl today?? :) I honestly think I’ve never been less excited about a super bowl than I do today. I don’t even know what time it starts! I’m a terrible American!!!

On that note, if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen…


Bye, loves 😀

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  1. Congrats on your pain-free run!

    You don’t have to like the game to like the FOOD. Happy superbowl sunday :)

  2. That’s great news on the hip pain, what a relief!

    In contrast to you I am a super pensive person, waaaaay too much. But like you, it’s definitely worse when I’ve been out a lot or drinking. And of course it’s to be expected that going to church makes you think. It’s kinda the whole point, right?

    I hope you were productive in the kitchen :)

  3. I do have some days that are more self-reflective than others; usually these happen after there’s been some kind of break in my normal routine. I don’t know that I do anything in particular, but having some down time to myself usually helps.

    So glad you were able to run with no hip pain, that’s awesome! I’m not embarassed to admit, I also don’t know what time the super bowl is on. I did buy my husband some beer and snacks for the game, so I’ll probably watch with him later today. And by watch, I mean read blogs on the couch while he watches :)

  4. I definitely have days like that. I usually write. It always helps.

  5. It’s good to have a little fun in life, but as long as you always come back to the core you are good!

  6. I definitely have days like that, usually after a night of drinking too :) Something about being hungover makes me regret my decisions!

  7. I’m very reflective like that and long runs have been a big help to put things in perspective. I feel more centered after a good long run. I hope you have a great Sunday!

  8. Looking forward to seeing what’s bakin’!

  9. Congrats on no pain during your run. Hope that continues.

    Nothing wrong with reading fluffy books. It’s still reading!

  10. I reflect often, but I also talk things out with my friends and family a lot. I feel like that helps me. After reading this morning’s post, I’m thinking some cookies could be of help too.

    Congrats on another pain-free run. I swear by icing! It’s so beneficial and I really notice the difference.

  11. I think I probably reflect TOO much :) You should get on! It’s really neat- you can find books that you want to read, and keep a list of your favorites, they make suggestions based on the one’s you really like 😀
    Did you like the two Chelsea books? They are on my reading list!
    Yay for a pain free run!!! That’s great, Paige 😉

  12. I’m un-American right there with you. We only watched about 20 minutes of the superbowl. I don’t really care about pro-football. I did watch the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, but I wasn’t rooting for either team so I didn’t much care that GB won (they did win, right?)


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