Nana Thai Cuisine

But before we get into the best Thai restaurant in Bloomington/Normal, I have some news:

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OK. Now on to the good stuff.

It’s Thaaaiiiiii Thaaiiiii-m :)

Shane and I have a mutual recent addiction. Thank goodness, because if it were only me with the addiction, I wouldn’t have an enabler.

We’re addicted to Thai food. More specifically, a Nana Thai Cuisine addiction.


Over the past four weeks, we’ve dined here four times. I think my friends need to pull a How I Met Your Mother, and stage a Thai intervention for me. On second thought, that’s a horrible idea.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had several different entrees, but one thing remains the same: the appetizer.


These vegetable spring rolls are crunchy, light, and most importantly, delicious. It’s physically impossible for me to go to Nana Thai and not order the vegetable spring roll. Shane went with the crab rangoon, which he said were just as delectable. I had trouble believing him, until I dropped my napkin and came back up to see all eight that were on his plate had disappeared.

Moving on to the main event. Promptly after finishing my last spring roll, the entrees arrived. I ordered the same thing as I did last weekend, the Panang Tofu Curry.


I actually ordered this on a whim, the first time. I’d had pad thai the last few times I’d been there, and I wanted to branch out. Let’s just say that this whim has turned into my waking up in the middle of the night because I was dreaming about this slightly sweet, coconut milk-based, curry.


Topped on the fluffiest sticky basmati rice ever, it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

In addition to the food being incredible, another reason why Nana Thai is appealing is the service. After dining there twice, I was treated like a regular. It’s also rarely crowded, and if you are in a hurry, it’s no trouble at all getting in and out in well under an hour.

Bloomington/Normal readers, if you haven’t tried dining at Nana Thai, go there, now. Shut down the lap top and go order the panang curry. Actually, everyone, go try some panang curry somewhere!

Thank me later 😉

Do you eat Thai food? If so, what’s your favorite dish?

If not, then what’s your favorite ethic food? I also love Indian food and Mexican :)


I hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far! And I’m glad you guys got a chuckle out of my, how shall I put it…forgetfulness yesterday 😉 Thankfully I’m not alone!! Here’s to being a little more organized 😛

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  1. I LOVE Thai food. My husband isn’t a big fan so I don’t get it that often.

  2. Lady, I am all about the pad thai when it comes to thai food. Not deeply inventive but deeply delicious :)

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  3. I LOVE Thai food! I am def a pad thai girl, but I’d like to branch out. I get the coconut soup (Tom kha?) sometimes and it’s also DELICIOUS!

  4. I love Thai food! My favorite is yellow curry with tofu. I love anything with coconut milk :)

  5. I love that you’re from Normal! I’ve totally been there. My husband grew up in Chenoa so every time we went to visit his family we spend time in Bloomington/Normal. Good stuff! :)

  6. It could be worse, like having to organize an intervention for your fake accent 😉

    I’ve only had Thai a few times! I’m honestly not the biggest fan of East Asian food (much to the chagrin of my Chinatown loving friends). I’m all about Greek and Lebanese.

  7. Yum!


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