Kind of Fabulous

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had as lazy of a Saturday as I did yesterday in months!! And you know what? It was kind of fabulous.

Somehow the day zoomed by, and when I looked up, it was 4:00. Sure, I took a spin class, and trained a couple clients in the morning, but other than that, I got sucked into teh interwebz and chilled with my dawg all day long:


See Shane back there? Why yes, yes I do take self-photoshoots of myself in the kitchen while the husband is working at the kitchen table. Don’t worry, he told me he thinks I’m special 😀

Note the Save Japan Dolphins shirt I’m sporting (and unintentional boob shot!)


Represent. A client (who is also passionate about the cause) actually gave me this shirt. Aside from being an advertisement for a good cause, it’s also totally cute, organic, and about the comfiest thing I own.

Good time to remind you all that all revenue generated from the blog this month will go to the Oceanic Preservation Society! 😀

Anyway, after getting sucked into working on RAN’s new facebook page (and being frustrated because it won’t let me invite others to “like” my page…still unsure what that’s all about…) it was time for a little lazy Saturday afternoon fun.

One thing Shane and I have learned to do since having our spending habits all up in our grills due to a little website called, is to create our own fun.


Who needs fancy restaurants or nights at the pub when you can play euchre and have a bloody mary at the kitchen table?! My thoughts exactly. 😀

After cooking up a couple yummy pizzas, the rest of the night was spent watching season 1 of tosh.0 and laughing our booties off!!

How was your Saturday?

Bonus question:

Which book should I read next: Room: A Novel, The Help, or Water for Elephants? The Help and WFE tied when I asked on Twitter :)


Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

I’m off to get in a strength training workout. Then it’s time for church and then training a couple clients. My parents are visiting later and we’re all going out for Mexican! :)

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  1. debby peine says:

    where for mexican? and love the shirt!!!! now what about fostering…giggle!!! see you soon!!

  2. It’s something that they changed recently on facebook fan or business pages. The invite option is not there. However, you can still share your RAN page in your personal profile, but using the share button at the bottom left.

    Read The Help. So good.

  3. I had a pretty lazy saturday too! I did run 4 miles (in the rain) early in the morning but that was about it. :)

  4. I loved The Help, so I suggest reading that next! :)

  5. I had a good mix of a Saturday. Started out w/ a 6 mile trail run (hello hills!), then fun at Target and wedding planning.

    You should definitely read The Help! It is fantastic and a quick read. I wasn’t impressed with Water for Elephants – I thought it was pretty boring.

  6. I had a good Saturday! I ran my first 10k :)

    I haven’t read the other two books, but I loved Water for Elephants! I got sucked into the story, and I can’t wait to see the movie.

  7. LOVE a good lazy day :) Glad you enjoyed. That t is super cute. Josh and I need to get into playing cards- I think we’d enjoy it. Saturday was fabulous! The weather was perfect and we were outside most of the day. Enjoy the Mexican food tonight

  8. You are so pretty! Love that picture, love the shirt, too. I’ve heard great things about The Help.

    My Saturday was super active – early yoga, bike ride/picnic with Billy, a 3 mile easy run and dinner with my parents at a great restaurant. I slept hard last night. :)

  9. My Satdee was pretty good! Too much of it was spent in front of my computer though! 😛

    You and your doggie are SO cute!! Have a great Sunday!! 😀

    P.S. I REALLY recommend The Help! I haven’t read any of the others though, so I can’t compare, but The Help is brilliant!!

  10. Duh, the blog totally justifies being able to take self portraits, or that is just what I tell myself!

  11. Lazy weekends are my favorite! I lounged in bed until 11 yesterday and I loved every second of it!

  12. Room is on my Library holds list, so I guess my vote goes for either Water for Elephants or The Help. I’d say go Elephants first, Help second.

  13. My Saturday was great!
    You are very pretty :)

  14. I love that shirt! I had a really fun Saturday.


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